Slim Driver

Slim Driver

I can't install lean driver!?!? ۔

I have to format my STI notebook because it chooses video, yes when it comes to me and messes up. It had a webcam, wireless and so on. I didn't see the CD I saw together, but I did see if the drivers had it or Slim, but when I have to do that it looks in the system or not specific file because it has 10 points, 5 Worth the stars!

My notebook © Samp Toshiba Notebook 1422 and I can't find any driver like 114 1440 etc. Welcome!

You're lucky my friend, or my © © Samp Toshiba, this CD has all the drives to improve the notebook, or what happens, it could be or the CD drive is not working, Claro CD drive Missing. Your driver is looking at the second CD, the last one, or there is a problem with the CD.

Sound wi !!!

1. Search for identification on the mother's plate.

2. Take notes and search for drives (Google) according to your Samp Toshiba notebook.

3. Will work there when it is installed and called from any program.

There is another way, I haven't tried yet, but you can get all the missing DRAVES, not the first SEMP Toshiba website, get a link to your PAS working property.

Slim Driver