Definition of Slick:

  1. A person who is smooth and persuasive but untrustworthy.

  2. A glossy magazine.

  3. (of skin or hair) smooth and glossy.

  4. A race car or bicycle tire without a tread, for use in dry weather conditions.

  5. Make (ones hair) flat, smooth, and glossy by applying water, oil, or cream to it.

  6. High quality camera-ready color proof printed on glossy coated-paper, and suitable for reproduction.

  7. (of an action or thing) done or operating in an impressively smooth, efficient, and apparently effortless way.

  8. Make someone or something smart, tidy, or stylish.

  9. A small smear or patch of a glossy or wet substance, especially a cosmetic.

  10. An oil slick.

Synonyms of Slick

Shiny, Glossy, Shining, Sleek, Smooth, Silky, Silken, Byzantine, Ciceronian, Daedalian, Demosthenian, Demosthenic, Machiavellian, Machiavellic, Tullian, Acute, Adept, Adipose, Adroit, Anal, Anoint, Apt, Arch, Artful, Artfully, Articulate, Artistic, Astute, Astutely, Authoritative, Beeswax, Blubbery, Bravura, Brilliant, Buff, Buffed, Burnish, Burnished, Buttery, Butyraceous, Cagey, Cagily, Calculating, Cannily, Canny, Chrismal, Chrismatory, Clean, Clever, Cleverly, Coordinated, Crack, Crackerjack, Crafty, Creative, Cunning, Cunningly, Cute, Daedal, Daub, Deceitful, Deck out, Deep, Deep-laid, Deft, Designing, Devious, Dexterous, Dextrous, Dinky, Diplomatic, Doll up, Dress, Dress up, Eloquent, Embrocate, Excellent, Expert, Facund, Fancy, Fat, Fatty, Felicitous, Feline, Finish, Finished, Fix up, Foxily, Foxy, Furbish, Furbished, Glace, Glance, Glassy, Glaze, Glazed, Gleaming, Glib, Glide, Glissade, Gloss, Glossy, Glycerolate, Good, Goodish, Graceful, Grease, Grease the wheels, Greased, Greasy, Guileful, Guilefully, Gussy up, Handy, Hep, Imaginative, Ingenious, Insidious, Insidiously, Inventive, Knowing, Knowingly, Lacquered, Lard, Lardaceous, Lardy, Lubric, Lubricate, Lubricated, Lubricious, Luster, Magisterial, Masterful, Masterly, Meretricious, Mucoid, Neat, Nimble-witted, No mean, Oil, Oiled, Oily, Oleaginous, Oleic, On the sly, Pawky, Perfect, Plausible, Polish, Polished, Politic, Pomade, Professional, Proficient, Quick, Quick-witted, Quite some, Ready, Refine, Resourceful, Rich, Round, Rub, Rubbed, Salve, Satiny, Scheming, Scour, Sebaceous, Serpentine, Shallow, Sharp, Sharp-witted, Shellacked, Shiftily, Shifty, Shine, Shining, Shiny, Shipshape, Shrewd, Shrewdly, Silken, Silky, Silver, Silver-tongued, Skillful, Sleek, Slick down, Slick on, Sliddery, Slip, Slipper, Slippery, Slippy, Slither, Slithery, Sly, Slyly, Smarmy, Smart, Smarten up, Smear, Smooth, Smooth the way, Smooth-spoken, Smooth-tongued, Smoothly, Smug, Snaky, Sneaky, Snug, Soap the ways, Soaped, Soapy, Some, Sophistical, Specious, Spellbinding, Spiff, Spruce, Spruce up, Statesmanlike, Stealthy, Strategic, Stylish, Suave, Subtile, Subtilely, Subtle, Subtlely, Suety, Superficial, Supple, Sycophantic, Tactful, Tactical, Tallowy, The compleat, The complete, Tidy, Tight, Trickily, Trickish, Tricksy, Tricky, Trig, Trim, Unctuous, Unguent, Unguentary, Unguentous, Urbane, Varnish, Varnished, Velvety, Virtuoso, Vulpine, Warily, Wary, Wax, Well-cared-for, Well-done, Well-groomed, Well-spoken, Wilily, Wily, Workmanlike, Efficient, Smooth, Smooth-running, Polished, Well organized, Well run, Streamlined, Smooth, Sleek, Flatten

How to use Slick in a sentence?

  1. Hunts victory resulted from the finest sort of judgment about when to change his wet tires to slicks.
  2. A slick of lip balm.
  3. A dandy-looking dude with a slick black ponytail.
  4. A slick piece of software.
  5. His damp hair was slicked back.
  6. Dad groused about getting slicked up.
  7. The slick is a serious threat to marine life.

Meaning of Slick & Slick Definition