Definition of Slack:

  1. Work slowly or lazily.

  2. (of a tide) neither ebbing nor flowing.

  3. Casual trousers.

  4. Decrease or reduce in intensity, quantity, or speed.

  5. Having or showing laziness or negligence.

  6. Slake (lime).

  7. Loosen (something, especially a rope).

  8. The part of a rope or line which is not held taut; the loose or unused part.

  9. (of business) characterized by a lack of work or activity; quiet.

  10. Loosely.

  11. Hours or days by which a job is ahead of schedule and will be completed early if continued.

  12. Not taut or held tightly in position; loose.

  13. In critical path method (CPM), the difference between the length of a path and the critical path. If an activity has zero slack, it is on the critical path.

  14. A spell of inactivity or laziness.

Synonyms of Slack

Lax, Negligent, Neglectful, Remiss, Careless, Slapdash, Slipshod, Lackadaisical, Lazy, Inefficient, Incompetent, Inattentive, Offhand, Casual, Disorderly, Disorganized, Idle, Shirk, Be inactive, Be lazy, Be indolent, Sit back and do nothing, Waste time, Lounge about, Loose, Limp, Not taut, Not tight, Hanging, Flapping, Looseness, Play, Give, Lull, Pause, Respite, Spell of inactivity, Interval, Break, Hiatus, Breathing space, Reduce, Lessen, Slacken, Slow, Ease off, Ease up, Laodicean, Micawberish, Olympian, Paphian, Abandon, Abate, Abatement, Abeyant, Aloof, Ambling, Anemic, Apathetic, Asthenic, Backward, Bagging, Baggy, Bate, Beat-up, Bedraggled, Behindhand, Benumbed, Blah, Blase, Bloodless, ■■■■ out, Blowzy, Bone-lazy, Bones, Cadging, Careless, Cataleptic, Catatonic, Cautious, Chaff, Chambering, Chicken, Chintzy, Choke, Circumspect, Claudicant, Coal dust, Comatose, Comb, Coom, Cowardly, Crawling, Creeping, Creeping like snail, Culm, Culpably negligent, Cut, Dallying, Damp, Dangling, ■■■■, Deadwood, Debilitated, Decline, Decrease, Delay, Delaying, Deliberate, Delinquent, Derelict, Desensitized, Detached, Diffuse, Dilapidated, Dilatory, Dillydallying, Diminish, Diminution, Dishwater, Disinterested, Disjoin, Disperse, Disregardful, Do-nothing, Dodge, Dog it, Doless, ■■■■■, Dormant, Douse, Down, Downturn, Drabbletailed, Draff, Draggled, Draggletailed, Dregs, Dronish, Drony, Drooping, Droopy, Duck, Duck duty, Dull, Dust, Dwindling, Ease, Ease off, Ease up, Easy, Easygoing, Effete, Ergophobic, Etiolated, Extinguish, Faineant, Faint, Faintish, Faltering, Feeble, Filings, Flabby, Flaccid, Flagging, Flapping, Flat, Floppy, Foot-dragging, Foul, Free, Frowzy, Frumpish, Frumpy, Garbage, ■■■■, Gentle, Get out of, Give, Goldbrick, Gone, Good-for-nothing, Goof off, Gradual, Groggy, Grubby, Gutless, Halting, Hanging, Heartless, Heavy, Hebetudinous, Hobbling, Hogwash, Hopeless, Husks, Idle, Imbecile, Impotent, Imprecise, In a stupor, In abeyance, In rags, In suspense, Inactive, Inactivity, Inadvertent, Inattentive, Indifferent, Indolent, Inert, Infirm, Informal, Insouciant, Jump, Lackadaisical, Laggard, Lagging, Laissez-faire, Languid, Languorous, Latent, Lax, Lazy, Leaden, Leave, Leave loose ends, Leave undone, Leavings, Lees, Leisurely, Lenient, Lessening, Let alone, Let be, Let dangle, Let down, Let go, Let loose, Let up, Let up on, Lethargic, Lifeless, Light, Limber, Limp, Limping, Lingering, Listless, Logy, Loitering, Loose, Loose-moraled, Loosen, Looseness, Lull, Lumbering, Lumpen, Lustless, Malinger, Marrowless, Messy, Miss, Mitigate, Moderate, Mussy, Neglect, Neglectful, Neglecting, Negligent, Nerveless, Nonaggressive, Nonchalant, Noninterfering, Nonrestrictive, Not pull fair, Numb, Numbed, Of easy virtue, Of loose morals, Off, Off-guard, Offal, Offscourings, Omit, Orts, Otiose, Out, Overindulgent, Overly permissive, Overpermissive, Parasitic, Parings, Pass over, Pass up, Passive, Pause, Permissive, Phlegmatic, Pithless, Play, Pluckless, Poking, Poky, Pooped, Potsherds, Powerless, Pretermit, Procrastinate, Procrastinating, Procrastinative, Procrastinatory, Promiscuous, Put out, Quench, Ragged, Raggedy, Rags, Raspings, Reduction, Refuse, Regardless, Relax, Relaxed, Release, Reluctant, Remiss, Remit, Resigned, Rickety, Room, Rubbery, Ruinous, Sagging, Sapless, Sauntering, Scamping, Scatter, Scourings, Scraggly, Scrap iron, Scraps, Scrounging, Scum, Sedentary, Seedy, Shabby, Shaky, Shards, Shavings, Shiftless, Shirk, Shoddy, Shuffling, Sinewless, Skimping, Skip, Skulk, Slack off, Slack up, Slacken, Slackening, Slackness, Slag, Slake, Slatternly, Sleeping, Slide out of, Slighting, Slip out of, Slipshod, Slop, Sloppy, Slops, Slothful, Slovenly, Slow, Slow as death, Slow as molasses, Slow as slow, Slow down, Slow up, Slow-crawling, Slow-foot, Slow-going, Slow-legged, Slow-moving, Slow-paced, Slow-poky, Slow-running, Slow-sailing, Slow-stepped, Slow-up, Sluggish, Slumbering, Slurring, Sluttish, Smoldering, Smother, Snail-paced, Snaillike, Sneak out of, Snuff, Snuff out, Soft, Soldier, Soporific, Sordid, Spineless, Spiritless, Sponging, Spunkless, Squalid, Staggering, Stagnant, Stamp out, Standing, Static, Stifle, Stoic, Streaming, Strengthless, Strolling, Stubble, Stupefied, Supine, Suspended, Sweepings, Swill, Tacky, Tame, Tares, Tattered, Tentative, Tire, Toddling, Torpid, Tortoiselike, Tottering, Trifle, Trudging, Turtlelike, Unaroused, Unbend, Unbrace, Uncaring, Uncircumspect, Unconcerned, Unenterprising, Unglue, Unguarded, Unhardened, Unhurried, Uninterested, Unkempt, Unlax, Unleash, Unneat, Unnerved, Unrestrained, Unrigorous, Unsightly, Unsteady, Unstick, Unstrain, Unstring, Unstrung, Untidy, Untighten, Unwary, Unwatchful, Unwind, Waddling, Wanton, Wastage, Waste, Waste matter, Wastepaper, Wayward, Weak, Weaken, Weakly, Weeds, Welsh, Whorish, Withdrawn, Work-shy

How to use Slack in a sentence?

  1. A slack rope.
  2. Slack accounting procedures.
  3. We had a large amount of slack in our business so there were moments where we could reflect upon the various processes.
  4. Slacking the outhaul allows you to adjust the sail.
  5. He put on a gray shirt and loose cotton slacks.
  6. When we went fishing, my grandpa told me to let out enough slack , so I could reel in the fishing line easier.
  7. The flow of blood slacked off.
  8. I picked up the rod and wound in the slack.
  9. Business was rather slack.
  10. Sometimes a worker may make an error but if he has been a good worker in the past you can cut him some slack .
  11. Soon the water will become slack, and the tide will turn.

Meaning of Slack & Slack Definition


It is a collaboration tool that allows teams to communicate. It is basically an internal online news service.