Definition of Slab:

  1. Remove slabs from (a log or tree) to prepare it for sawing into planks.

  2. Flat, rolled metal ingot, generally with a width not less than 250 millimeter (about 10 inches), cross-sectional area not less than 105 square centimeters (about 16 square inches), and length about 6 meters (20 feet).

  3. A large, thick, flat piece of stone, concrete, or wood, typically rectangular.

Synonyms of Slab

Slab, Flagstone, Flag, Sett, Bar, Beam, Billet, Board, Boarding, Chunk, Clapboard, Coat, Coating, Collop, Cord, Cordwood, Covering, Cut, Deal, Disk, Driftwood, Feuille, Film, Firewood, Flap, Foil, Fold, Glop, Gunk, Hardwood, Hunk, Ingot, Lamella, Lamina, Laminated glass, Laminated wood, Lap, Lath, Lathing, Lathwork, Leaf, Log, Lumber, Lump, Membrane, Mire, Muck, Ooze, Pane, Panel, Panelboard, Paneling, Panelwork, Patina, Peel, Pellicle, Piece, Plait, Plank, Planking, Plate, Plating, Ply, Plyboard, Plywood, Pole, Post, Puncheon, Rasher, Rod, Safety glass, Scum, Shake, Sheathing, Sheathing board, Sheet, Sheeting, Shingle, Sideboard, Siding, Skin, Slat, Slice, Slime, Slob, Slop, Slosh, Sludge, Slum, Slush, Softwood, Splat, Splosh, Stave, Stick, Stick of wood, Stovewood, Strip, Table, Tablet, Three-by-four, Timber, Timbering, Timberwork, Two-by-four, Veneer, Wafer, Weatherboard, Wedge, Wood

How to use Slab in a sentence?

  1. Paving slabs.
  2. He slabbed the log on the two other remaining sides to make a rectangular timber.

Meaning of Slab & Slab Definition