Sky Zone Waiver

Sky Zone Waiver

Do parents have to pay in the Sky Zone?

Some parks may also have a children’s area for our children. Check the availability of your local Sky Zone. All guests must sign a release online or when entering our parks. Anyone under the age of 18 must have the waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian.

Also asked, do parents have to live in the Sky Zone?

Yes, sir. Each jumper must sign a disclaimer at each location in the Sky Zone. If you are under 18, your parents or guardians must complete the exemption for you, but they cannot be present when you visit the park.

Do adults also have to pay in the Sky Zone?

4 answers. No, spectators who remain outside the playing field do not have to purchase a ticket. For those who jump, we always recommend purchasing Sky Zone St. Louis tickets online on our website as jump times can fill up quickly (especially on weekends / holidays / breaks).

Do parents also have to buy Sky Zone tickets?

Yes, each jumper must complete a disclaimer regarding the location of the Sky Zone they are jumping into before purchasing tickets and jumping. If you are under the age of 18, a parent or legal guardian must complete the exemption for you.

How much does the Sky Zone offer cost?

$ 17.99 60 minutes | $ 22.99 unlimited (6pm every Friday and Saturday) Glowinthedark Sky Zone T-shirt required. They cost $ 13 each or a white shirt.

How much does it cost on Skyzone for 2 hours?

$ 19.99 for 2 hour skips or unlimited $ 24.99 | VR & SA | 19: 00-11: 00 | GLOW TShirt and SkySocks are available separately (store and reuse).

Are Sky Zone socks free?

This means full access to all Sky Zone activities, including Main Court (free jump), Foam Zone (free foam jump), SkySlam, Ultimate Dodgeball (subject to availability) and more! Sky socks are required and sold separately. They cost $ 3.50 / pair and can be reused!

Does Skyzone serve alcohol?



Selling beer, wine or spirits to local drinkers?

Discover our new printed menus with improved drinks and beers.

Can you take your socks to the Sky Zone?

Do you need socks to jump in the Sky Zone?

Yes, we sell our proprietary SkySocks under our brand below. They are needed when you jump into the Sky Zone and can be picked up for reuse on your next visit, provided they are in good condition.

Is there a weight limit for Skyzone?

Is there a weight limit for your trampoline?

Yes, there is a weight limit of 300lbs for trampolines and 275lbs for the warrior course.

Can I wear jeans in the trampoline park?

Wear comfortable clothes. Skinny jeans are not a good dress for jumping into a foam pit - at least not for me. Wear clothes that you can move around and that you can sweat a little. Sports shorts, yoga pants, and t-shirts are great choices. Not at all necessary, but check out these fun trampoline sweaters on Amazon!

At what age does Sky Zone rent?

Age 15

Can you activate Sky Zone?

Don’t attempt any activity, spin, jump, or stunt that you think you can’t do. Flips or other tricks can be dangerous, so do it at your own risk. Jumpers cannot participate in legal activities without the presence of a member of the Sky Zone team. Soft and hard cast guests are not allowed in the Sky Zone activities.

Is Skyzone suitable for children?

Sky Zone solves this problem for you. Mothers and fathers can take the little ones to the children’s area in the sky area, a place where the little ones can play. With the children’s zone, Sky Zone offers active flying fun for the whole family in a safe environment.

Are 2-year-old trampolines safe?

Why trampolines are not safe for 2-year-olds and toddlers They are much softer than 6-year-olds or older. Their spongy nature makes them more prone to compression. If these children jump on a trampoline and land hard on their hands or legs, they can easily break a broken bone.

At what age is it safe to jump on a trampoline?

Do not allow children under the age of 6 to use the trampoline. Allow only one person to use the trampoline at a time. Do not allow flips or other potentially hazardous movements on the trampoline without supervision and guidance. Do not allow unattended jumps.

How much does it cost to take City Air?

With passes starting at $ 6.99, guests can visit the park as many times as they want for a fraction of the price of a single open ticket. With over $ 2,300 in total, a guest can save up to 85% off retail prices!

What is the Sky Zone entrance ticket?

TOTAL COST OF ENTRY AND SKYZONE HOURS S. Unspecified 1 hour 1 normal days 650 + TPS 2 peak days 900 + TPS

Can a 2 year old child go to the Sky Zone?

Parents / adults are welcome to jump with little ones, as a parent ticket is included with the child ticket! Time for children is limited to 4 years and younger. Children must be able to walk independently in order to participate.

Sky Zone Waiver