Definition of Site:

  1. General: The location of a building, facility or building.

  2. Legal: Housing, legal jurisdiction or location or company trust for legal purposes. It is also called a website.

  3. A site

  4. Internet: The place where a website is located in cyberspace.

  5. Repair or build (something) in a particular place.

  6. Areas where cities, buildings or monuments have been built.

Synonyms of Site

Sphere, Purlieus, Cockpit, Bull ring, Place, Plat, District, Home, Colosseum, Bowl, Hippodrome, Parade ground, Locate, Circus, Put, Theater, Situate, Walk, Stage setting, Scene, Marketplace, Where, Boxing ring, Position, Public square, Open forum, Lot, Ground, Locale, Put, Abode, Lists, Course, Agora, Stadium, Emplacement, Pit, Wrestling ring, Latitude and longitude, Plot, Bearings, Amphitheater, Terrain, Orientation, Purlieu, Locus, Tiltyard, Mise-en-scene, Forum, Coliseum, Locality, Squared circle, Whereabout, Whereabouts, Setting, Spot, Precinct, Auditorium, Athletic field, Scene of action, Stage set, Situation, Bear garden, Station, Stead, Campus, Place, Position, Stamping ground, Tilting ground, Floor, Canvas, Scenery, Location, Install, Background, Area, Arena, Pinpoint, Stage, Prize ring, Situs, Lieu, Area, Bench mark, Set, Point, Placement, Region, Hole, Palaestra, Install, Situate, Gym, Haunt, Gymnasium, Plot, Mat, Ring, Field, Range, Milieu, Locate, Platform, Hall

How to use Site in a sentence?

  1. The presbytery is behind the church.
  2. This site has no ads and is not advertised with banners.
  3. Proposed site for hydropower.

Meaning of Site & Site Definition