Sinto Minha Barriga Mexer E Não Estou Gravida

Sinto Minha Barriga Mexer E Não Estou Gravida

Do you feel my stomach please

Hello, Ten is 17 years old and has been using contraception since the age of 12 (get more consent) (and I use my contraceptive correctly). Yesterday it happened that my side nocturnal abdomen is a skeleton on the surface of which the amu started moving and it kept moving, it did not stop, or it stopped for a while and then came back, I did not sleep well and I I am upset. My mom says it must be ges, and really ges? Are you pregnant But do you feel more and more pregnant? (Beans, then try to tie the knot with my boyfriend uncles Pedo) And talk, in 4 or 5 months I smell or drink Mexican and my stomach is normal size, so it takes a while. Was, help Mess !!

To update

Note: It's already 17:54 and I still feel a bump in my stomach.

Quiet, just gasoline.

The rest is the same gas.

Without a doubt, Sao Gas ...

Go first, if you are not asking to see your ecologist then your exam part is very pregnant, congratulations to me.

Ctz it © Gas Companions, ± It feels like with a little gestation period, and yet, but you who use contraception, Medium Cue is hardly pregnant, but skepticism doctor, will play kisses

No, I think you are pregnant son .... yes, I realize that when my daughter is 4 months pregnant or her first move, she loses a little bit of confidence ... face baruls estrans) and it also hurts not to be calm when it comes to moving the baby.

Sinto Minha Barriga Mexer E Não Estou Gravida