Sinkhole Peril

Sinkhole Peril,

What Does Sinkhole Peril Mean?

  1. Risk of damage if the sink falls. It is now thought to be the biggest cause of damage to commercial property policies.

Literal Meanings of Sinkhole Peril


Meanings of Sinkhole:
  1. Holes in the soil, especially limestone rocks, are caused by water erosion and cause surface water to disappear underground.

Sentences of Sinkhole
  1. An attached sink is a complex form of sink or sink that acts like a sanitary petal drainage basin.

Synonyms of Sinkhole

dip, crater, excavation, hollow, indentation, concavity, dint, hole, trough, cavity, sink, sinkhole, pothole, pit, dent


Meanings of Peril:
  1. Putting yourself at risk.

  2. Serious and immediate danger.

Sentences of Peril
  1. Jonathan risked his life for David

  2. The unrest facing the state can be a threat to the government

Synonyms of Peril

insecurity, put on the line, endanger, perilousness, threat, expose to risk, imperil, put at risk, danger, jeopardy, riskiness, put in jeopardy, uncertainty, hazard, risk, put in danger, menace, expose to danger, threaten