Definition of Sinker:

  1. A weight used to sink a fishing line or sounding line.

  2. A type of windsurfing board of insufficient buoyancy to support a person unless moving fast.

  3. Bond whose interest and principal is paid from a sinking fund.

  4. A pitch which drops markedly as it nears home plate.

  5. A doughnut.

Synonyms of Sinker

Brussels biscuit, Melba toast, Apple fritter, Beignet, Beignet aux pommes, Biscuit, Bismarck, Bob, Bowl, Cast, Change of pace, Change-up, Chuck, Chunk, Cracker, Cruller, Curve, Doughnut, Downcurve, Fastball, Fastnacht, Fling, Flip, Forward pass, Friedcake, Fritter, Graham cracker, Hardtack, Heave, Hurl, Incurve, Knuckleball, Lateral, Lateral pass, Lead, Lob, Olykoek, Outcurve, Pass, Peg, Pilot biscuit, Pitch, Plumb, Plummet, Pretzel, Put, Raised doughnut, Rusk, Saltine, Sandbag, Screwball, Sea biscuit, Serve, Service, Ship biscuit, Shot-put, Shy, Slider, Sling, Soda cracker, Spitball, Spitter, Throw, Toss, Twister, Upcurve, Wafer, Weight, Zwieback

How to use Sinker in a sentence?

  1. He throws a sinker as hard as 92 mph.
  2. The Cod were playing hard to get and the squid baits had to be just about holding the bottom, so that if you lifted the sinker off the bottom by a few yards, the tide would wash the end rig a few yards further downtide.

Meaning of Sinker & Sinker Definition