Sink Sprayer Hose Leaking

Sink Sprayer Hose Leaking

How to fix Ken Sink? ۔

Our Kensinks sprayers have small holes in the plastic.

This will usually be an easy solution, but it is a very deep sink that is so close to the wall that there is almost no room for work and the faucet is just behind the sink.

A plumber told us it had to be removed to replace the sink. Instead of paying for it, I tried wrapping silicone tape around it and then wrapping electrical tape around it. It took a while, but now there is a leak.

Any suggestions on how to fix this plastic without replacing it?

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Thanks for the helpful answer. Choosing the best answer is difficult.

Everyone will think I'm crazy and maybe they're fine, but I applied it with glue protected from this flexible dishwasher:

Used repair sites:

If you can't fit the sink connections (this is what they were designed for), you should be able to connect the SE with pairs and without tongs. Find the same size kit at your hardware store and try to adjust the composition. Of course, if you can't remove the faucet, you can't remove the faucet either (yes, we've suggested that before), so the only solution is to pick up the counter or sink inside. Access from this point of view. .

Sink Sprayer Hose Leaking