Sink In Spanish

Sink In Spanish

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What you find in cans: Rubbing

What you get in the bathroom: sink

Toilet in Spanish

It depends on who you talk to. Some people in El Salvador say they bathe, but most call it a Mexican dip or dishwasher.


Sink In Spanish

Sink In Spanish

The bathtub is a bath

Lava cane cane

This is a general term for this. At least in Mexico

What you have in the can is: Liwad

All you have in the bathroom is a sink

The laundry you have is: Exfoliation

Greetings from Peru South America

Sink In Spanish

Sink In Spanish

I'm not a mom, but I think I hear people talking about it. Maybe this?

I also remember the word al-mofia.

See if this is exactly what Audi suggested to you.

Wash your hands

Frigates are mainly used in Mexico


I'm sure

Sink In Spanish