Single Definition:

  1. Detention status is claimed by single, divorced or legally separated persons who are not heads of domestic status.

Meanings of Single

  1. Select something else from the group for special treats.

  2. I only met one.

  3. A person or thing instead of being part of a couple or group.

  4. A straight shot that allows the hitter to reach the first base.

  5. (Especially tennis and badminton) A sport or competition for players, not for pairs or teams.

  6. One step, one in many.

  7. Not in single or stable sex.

  8. Consists of a fruit.

  9. Free from duplicate or smart scams.

Sentences of Single

  1. A newspaper is under pressure

  2. Aaron chose the center

  3. The end result is a picture of perfect proportions, in which the painting has disguised itself and is acting as a part rather than a lot of people.

  4. The next heater tension hits the second base line.

  5. As a result, Scotland also competed for the prestigious Leonard Trophy, which awarded the country the most points in singles, doubles, triplets and fours.

  6. Single red rose

  7. Single mother

Synonyms of Single

one, select, isolated, one only, and single, decide on, young, lone, footloose and fancy free, choose, available, sole, free, fix on, pick out, eligible, unmarried, solitary, unattached, by itself

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Single: What is the Meaning of Single?

  1. The registration status claimed by tse w is unmarried, divorced or legally separated and ineligible for the presidency.

Meanings of Single

  1. A step between many people.

  2. Contains one.

  3. Free from lies or deception

  4. Straight shot to run.

  5. (Especially tennis and badminton) A sport or competition for single players, not for pairs or teams.

  6. A shifting system in which a pair of bells rotates in each round.

  7. Choose someone or something from the group for special treatment.

  8. Thinning (plants or shrubs).

  9. (Railway) in one line.

  10. I met only one.

Sentences of Single

  1. A red rose

  2. The study room is a large room.

  3. A hand hoe is used to isolate the roots.

  4. Deserted southwest line west of Salisbury.

  5. Cohen chose the center.

Synonyms of Single

distinguish, a spinster, husbandless, on the shelf, odd, cull, solo, alone, unwed, earmark, spouseless, separate out, set apart/aside, unwedded, put aside, differentiate, partnerless, target, a bachelor, mark out, by oneself, exclusive, unique



The marital status claimed by tse w is unmarried, divorced or legally separated and ineligible for the presidency.

Meanings of Single

  1. Free from lies or lies.

  2. Direct shot to run.

  3. A shifting system where a pair of bells rotates in each distance.

  4. Choose one or the other of the group for special treatment.

  5. Thin (seedlings).

  6. There is only one right.

Sentences of Single

  1. A hand hoe is used to separate the roots.

  2. Cohen chooses the center.

Synonyms of Single

unaccompanied, wifeless