Single Taxpayer

Single Taxpayer,

What is The Definition of Single Taxpayer?

You can define Single Taxpayer as, A person who is not married on the last day of the financial year.

Literal Meanings of Single Taxpayer


Meanings of Single:
  1. One step, one in many.

  2. Single or not in stable sex.

  3. It consists of one piece.

  4. Free from duplication or clever tricks.

  5. Be part of a couple or group instead of a person or thing.

  6. This will allow the dough to reach the bottom safely.

  7. A sport or competition (especially in tennis and badminton) for individual players, not pairs or teams.

  8. Select someone or something from the group for special treatment.

  9. Just an hour.

Sentences of Single
  1. A red rose

  2. Single mother

  3. The study room is a large room

  4. Pure and unique heart

  5. The end result is a picture of mystical proportions, disguised in painting, to which there are numerous references.

  6. The next scout made a double strike to pass the second baseman, who was lying down.

  7. As a result, Scotland also competed for the prestigious Leonard Trophy, which awarded the country the most points in singles, doubles, triple and quadruple four.

  8. One newspaper was criticized

  9. Aaron chose the medium

Synonyms of Single

one, one only, sole, lone, solitary, isolated, by itself, unmarried, unattached, free, available, eligible, young, and single, footloose and fancy free, select, pick out, fix on, choose, decide on


Meanings of Taxpayer:
  1. Taxpayers.

Sentences of Taxpayer
  1. A key partner

Synonyms of Taxpayer

people, citizens, subjects, general public, electors, electorate, voters, taxpayers, residents, inhabitants, citizenry, population, populace, community, society, country, nation, world