Single-parent Captive

Single-parent Captive,

What is The Meaning of Single-parent Captive?

  1. See synonyms captive term single holder.

Literal Meanings of Single-parent Captive


Meanings of Single:
  1. Choose from a group or something to get special treatment.

  2. Instead of being part of a person or thing as a couple or group.

  3. (Especially tennis and badminton) A sport or competition for single players, not for pairs or teams.

  4. One step, one of many.

  5. Not in single or stable sex.

  6. Contains a fruit.

  7. Free from fraud or deception.

Sentences of Single
  1. The end result is a picture of mystical proportions, disguised as a painting, which works as a whole, not more than one.

  2. The next hitter hits a tense second base line.

  3. As a result, Scotland also competed for the Leonard Trophy, which is awarded to the country with the most points in singles, pairs, triplets and squares.

  4. A red rose

  5. The study room is a large room.

Synonyms of Single

one, free, available, choose, lone, eligible, isolated, by itself, young, fix on, unmarried, pick out, sole, decide on, select, solitary, and single, one only, footloose and fancy free, unattached


Meanings of Parent:
  1. Becoming or acting as a parent of (a child)

  2. Father or mother

Sentences of Parent
  1. All children are special to their creators.

  2. The bride's parents

Synonyms of Parent

be the parent of, nurture, father, mother, bring up, raise, look after, take care of, rear


Meanings of Captive:
  1. A person who has been caught or an animal that is in captivity.

  2. Blocked or blocked.

Sentences of Captive
  1. Police handcuff prisoners.

  2. The courtyard was used to hold prisoners of war.

Synonyms of Captive

inmate, confined, detainee, locked up, caged, penned up, convict, prisoner, incarcerated