Single Article Limit

Single Article Limit,

Single Article Limit: What is the Meaning of Single Article Limit?

  • This is the maximum value of an item that can be covered by home insurance. The limit of an item is set by the insurance company.

  • You can only claim your content insurance for damaged or stolen items.

Literal Meanings of Single Article Limit


Meanings of Single:
  1. One step, one in many.

  2. Not in single or stable sex.

  3. It consists of one piece.

  4. Free from duplication or clever tricks.

  5. Not a person or thing and not part of a couple or group.

  6. This will allow the dough to reach the bottom safely.

  7. A sport or competition (especially in tennis and badminton) for individual players, not pairs or teams.

  8. Select someone or something from the group for special treatment.

Sentences of Single
  1. A red rose

  2. Single mother

  3. There is a large study room

  4. Pure and unique heart

  5. The end result is a picture of holistic proportions, disguised in a painting, related to single words, not numerous.

  6. The next scout made a double strike to pass the second baseman, who was lying down.

  7. As a result, Scotland also competed for the Leonard Trophy, which awarded the country the most points in singles, doubles, triple and four.

  8. One newspaper was criticized

  9. Aaron chose the medium

Synonyms of Single

lone, one, unmarried, eligible, young, isolated, by itself, sole, free, one only, choose, decide on, and single, unattached, fix on, footloose and fancy free, pick out, select, available, solitary


Meanings of Article:
  1. Specific object or items

  2. Text from other people in newspapers, magazines or other publications

  3. A separate clause or paragraph in a legal document or agreement, usually the same rule or regulation.

  4. Some or uncertain subjects.

  5. For example, linked to the terms of the agreement. Learn B.

Sentences of Article
  1. Small household items

  2. Articles about middle managers

  3. This is a violation of Article 7 of the Agreement

  4. Literally translated into English, without any explanation or unlimited articles, it becomes an "occasional welcome book".

  5. How sad ... My father paid three hundred pounds for an apprenticeship.

Synonyms of Article

feature, paper, disquisition, point, analysis, write-up, object, item, composition, commodity, segment, account, subsection, heading, piece of writing, division, study, thing, clause, essay, tract, story, discourse, part, bit, piece of merchandise


Meanings of Limit:
  1. A point or plane that is not extended by anything.

  2. A point or value whose sequence, function, or sequence number can be increased to the point near the desired point or value.

Sentences of Limit
  1. In fact, the setting changes to a range, which is priced at 2.7182818.

Synonyms of Limit

check, place a limit on, upper limit, freeze, cap, limitation, peg, hold in check, curb, put a brake on, maximum, keep within bounds, hold, ceiling, restrict, restrain