- Ear irrigation via ENT ... wax plug, bottom?

Blue fairy

When I taught you the art of good ear irrigation, I also gave you a copy of these diseases.

1. Lying on your side with the affected ear facing up.

2. Put three drops of hydrogen peroxide in the ear. You sounded like a meteor siltzer.

3 Wait five minutes for all sounds to disappear. Apply as much water as possible to the tissue.

4. Repeat steps 1, 2 and 3

5. Go to the bathroom. Pour a little water into a glass.

6. Fill the play button with as much clean water as possible.

7. Take a shower and place the lice on the edge of the problem.

8. Pull the ears up and back.

9. Insert the button in the ear as far as possible.

10. Press the ear button as hard as you can to pour water into the ear. No need to worry, there is not much water pressure that can harm you.

11. Look at your uncle, the bathroom walls and the floor. If you get a match there or if your hearing returns to normal, it will happen.

If no. If there are no matches and your ears are still "keypad" or "rare", repeat the dyed water with the button. (Step 9)

If your ears are normal, yes. If you still feel that your app is limited or rare, wait two or three downloads and repeat steps 1 through 12.

14. If it is normal, the medicine is used on the drops that I prescribed and is used according to the prescribed time indication.

If you want to avoid the first part of step # 7, you can do this before the shower.

The use of a 10 ml syringe is impractical because there is so little water that you can't find it too deep in your outer ear C, and the normal rotation of the ear relieves a lot of pressure.

My procedure took about 15 minutes for one ear, 20-25 for both ears, as the other panelist suggested.

There is absolutely nothing in your external hearing that can harm you.

This procedure is performed in the emergency room without softening the primary wax plug, which can cause discomfort. In the emergency room, a 50 cc metal metal syringe with a funnel tip is used and injects water with minimal pressure with both hands.

If the doctor does not cut both hands with a large syringe, what about one hand and a rubber button or a small capacity rubber syringe?


Use a water button, wash each ear with a few glasses of water every 10 to 14 days to avoid new wax plugs and clean your ears all over Argentina (so they look like matchsticks) Don't come) Your friend, when he starts kissing you on the ear and puts his tongue in your ear, hahahahaha)

Deep down, I can tell you how to make it at home without spending money on drops or any one, I've done it many times and you only need to rinse once or twice.

You will need to sell 10 ml syringes and a normal bottle of hydrogen peroxide at pharmacies.

1. Lie down with your head on the bed with your body and position yourself so that your ears are straight.

Someone filled with oxygen-filled water to fill it. It will kick you, hold on tight, which is not too intense.

until. Wait until you see no bubbles and refill the oxygen-rich water.

Repeat this process two to three times. I have already told you that this is Raw

warm. Rinse with warm water, fill the syringe (no need, used needle, syringe only), insert it into the ear and squeeze the water.

If you repeat the process of injecting pressure water, the wax plug will come out. No discomfort, no complications.

I reiterated that I do this once a year. Chest caps with powder and others come out perfectly and without any hassle.

God bless.

It is best to go to a doctor who knows what to do.