Sinais Do Truco

Sinais Do Truco

Docs are signs of a trick honey? There are KSA tricks on Sunday and I need to know! 10 PTS / 5 stars? ۔

Flash an ol = Zap (pause)

Eyebrows = seven cups (cups)

Make a montan in the cheek with the tongue = sprat (sword)

Ponta da lÃÂngua = Pica mo (Golden) Show

One shoulder = three.

Mandatory shoulder lift = we for a long time

Fill my cheeks with air = I am full of a shackle.

Don't touch the chest = leave what I do here.

By hand on the neck as it was cutting = Trueco Pace.

Signs for low card shrouds or not so common:

For me or not ■■■■ = rice (K)

Mother on the ear = Madam (Q)

must finger = must

Mindin Finger = Âs

Detecting J from ear to ■■■■ base = Jack (J)

I'm afraid of getting ugly too soon with permanent ideal cards. Consider or sign the opponent's request.

See the way I drive the signals you follow.

Zappisca around OL

Carry a mug or rifle, like an eyebrow.

Sprat you raised your cheek a little with your tongue.

Pakamo pattern and language.

Sinais Do Truco