Definition of Simulation:

  1. Acting out or mimicking an actual or probable real life condition, event, or situation to find a cause of a past occurrence (such as an accident), or to forecast future effects (outcomes) of assumed circumstances or factors. A simulation may be performed through (1) solving a set of equations (a mathematical model), constructing a physical (scale) model, (3) staged rehearsal, (4) game (such as wargames), or a computer graphics model (such as an animated flowchart). Whereas simulations are very useful tools that allow experimentation without exposure to risk, they are gross simplifications of the reality because they include only a few of the real-world factors, and are only as good as their underlying assumptions.

Synonyms of Simulation

Accordance, Acting, Adoption, Affectation, Agreement, Alikeness, Alliance, Analogy, Aping, Appearance, Approach, Appropriation, Approximation, Assimilation, Assumption, Attitudinizing, Bluff, Bluffing, Borrowed plumes, Cheating, Closeness, Color, Coloring, Community, Comparability, Comparison, Conformity, Copying, Correspondence, Counterfeiting, Deception, Delusion, Derivation, Deriving, Disguise, Dissemblance, Dissembling, Dissimulation, Emulation, Facade, Face, Fakery, Faking, False air, False front, False show, Falsity, Feigning, Feint, Following, Forgery, Four-flushing, Fraud, Front, Gilt, Gloss, Hit-off, Humbug, Humbuggery, Identity, Imitation, Impersonation, Imposture, Impression, Infringement, Likeness, Likening, Masquerade, Meretriciousness, Metaphor, Mimesis, Mimicking, Mirroring, Mocking, Nearness, Onomatopoeia, Ostentation, Outward show, Parallelism, Parity, Parody, Pasticcio, Pastiche, Pirating, Plagiarism, Plagiary, Playacting, Pose, Posing, Posture, Pretense, Pretension, Pretext, Repetition, Representation, Resemblance, Sameness, Seeming, Semblance, Sham, Show, Similarity, Simile, Similitude, Simulacrum, Speciousness, Takeoff, Taking, Varnish, Window dressing

How to use Simulation in a sentence?

  1. During my clinical a I went through an extensive sonogram simulation program. We had to completely master this trial before we were allowed to work on real people with real equipment. Its amazing how realistic it was. It definitely gave me the confidence I needed in the real field.
  2. There is speculation among the scientific community that the reality we are in is a simulation with consciousness being the main and only real ingredient.
  3. The pilot learned how to react to a life threatening loss of engine power by taking part in flight simulation training.

Meaning of Simulation & Simulation Definition

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