Sims Life Stories

Sims Life Stories

The Sims 2 vs. The Sims Life Story? 3

I already have Sims 2 and I was thinking about buying this survival story, but I've heard people say it's too boring, so what do you think?

Sims 2. Sims Life Story ... such as the console [GC, PS2, etc.], where you complete the purposes of the SIM and switch to another use or SIM. And when you accomplish all your goals, there is nothing left to do. You have to make up your story. no! No.

Instead of buying a survival story, buy an extension pack for The Sims 2. Upgrade to The Sims 2:]

I have both and I still think Sims 2 is much better. The Sims 2 has something in common with Sims' life story and is like buying copies that you already have.

Sims 2 is much more efficient. You can easily make stockings out of stock. Also, Life Touts is an updated PC. So you choose SIMS2 to run it (while turning it into a computing device). Can I use Sims 2 or get Sims 2 Deluxe (HTLife Upgrade comes with PC ..)

The Sims Life Stories is primarily designed for gaming on low-end PCs and laptops. It is designed not to waste your computer resources. It's not as open to PC as The Sims 2, especially when considering extensions.

I bought a survival story and I already have Sims2 with all the extensions ... I went through it in a day ... Boring enough for people who already have Sims2 ۔ In a way it's like the Sims2, but you can't. You spend your time achieving character goals, one kind of RPG, instead of controlling multiple SIMs, you work with only one and do what he wants out of his life.

Sims Life Stories