Simple Probability

Simple Probability,

Simple Probability:

  1. Definition of Simple Probability: A simple probability calculates the outcome or probability that an event will occur. This concept is used in the practical services of insurance companies to predict the risk that the insured will bear during a certain period of time.

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Meanings of Simple:
  1. It's easy to understand or without difficulty.

  2. Smooth, simple or flat shape, without much decoration or embellishment in nature or design.

  3. It consists of no elements.

  4. More or less intelligence.

  5. Medicines made from jams or plants.

  6. It is used to show that something is very simple.

Sentences of Simple
  1. Easy solution

  2. Plain white blouse

  3. That way, you can adjust your patient's losses, from simple fractures to joint fractures, and get more money from the insurer.

  4. Herbal collectors

  5. I don't analyze much. I listen, I like it, I buy it. Easy!

Synonyms of Simple

uncomplicated, honest, fundamental, nothing, effortless, single, undecorated, unfussy, without ornamentation, no-nonsense, manageable, uninvolved, elementary, homely, without frills, penny plain, unblended, plain, painless, plain sailing, easy, unexacting, non-complex, unadorned, pure, unornamented


Meanings of Probability:
  1. As much as possible, it is possible that something will or will happen.

Sentences of Probability
  1. Rain increases your chances of coming

Synonyms of Probability

possibility, prospect, expectation, chances, likelihood, likeliness, odds, chance