Simpatia Para Bronquite

Simpatia Para Bronquite

What is the sympathy for bronchitis? 3

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The pen that hadn't bothered him in a while. To empathize with bronchitis I know it really works, stick a clean piece of paper, cut a finger, give it to someone who has bronchitis, cut a piece of thick leafy hair and until it matches It shouldn't be the size of a painkiller. Then seal the Dorx tape and write about the sick person or not at all.

Do this at the holy festival. Before dawn or sunset. Then when you go to a Catholic church, pick up the dodo newspaper that picks up the oil. Nearby is a church that treats many bronchitis. Like a few kilometers at 5 o'clock in the morning. Or they block all avenues with Anita Church. One of the parking jobs.

In the church he writes the sick notum in a book, which is not paper, and collects the paper without a vase, it lives in a coffin or a picture representing a ■■■■ god. It will stay there until next year.

The book, once filled, goes under the supervision of prayers or wherever you go or pray from Thursday to Easter Sunday, pray for no reason.

They do not ask for any money. He just told people to believe and repeat short hair for three consecutive years even before that. And Bakr Shifa will force you to pray with gratitude. Many of the people who take turns seeing are relatives of people who have recovered from bronchitis.

Of course, it's worth the loyalty. Many people are already well.

I have never seen the Roman Catholic Church support my sympathy. Some more support.

Especially in your area or in a church that has this tradition.


My sister had two attacks near bronchitis, which included overdose and treatment. You have to do many treatments or anti-allergic vaccines for 4 years as a disease and 10 years of treatment, we have got a prescription for a home remedy that is always there.

This recitation is already a surprise to Faith Pada for some and everyone, showing the true effect of the patch.

The main component of guidance is shaving. Do some research or search on Google to get rid of the fear of consumption and you will see that it has been used properly or there is no danger to health.

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2 palms of hands (hands)

1 liter of melon

1.7 liters of water

Glue or glue, remove the skin (thin transparent film that covers the plant), cut into pieces and throw a little or a layer that does not melt in the remaining 1.7 liters of water. Put the mixture on the fire until it becomes red or half volume. Stir well and put on fire, add 1 liter of honey. Let it go to the syrup site, not too much and put it in a glass bottle, clean and treat it well, or always keep it in the fridge. This prescription lasts for about 4 months. I had to endure 6 months to fix the catastrophic failure for me. For the first 3 months it is necessary to take a cup of medicine three times a day (morning, evening) and after 3 months once a day in the morning.

Simpatia Para Bronquite