Simbolo Do Carrefour

Simbolo Do Carrefour

Or what is the meaning or symbol of Carrefour? ۔

From the Carrefour Network, Faith is already widely discussed, created as a boat, anchor, two mushrooms, hats, ets, story-related symbols and many other characters, much more about English Interesting, just want to explain more. In fact, the Carrefour logo says I respect the 1959 original in France. First, the city of Annecy came out of the confluence of Carrefour in France. Carrefour looks at the French crossing where our position is placed in the Quarterio, Logo or Logo Square. A logo resembling or similar to an anchor, rejected by idealists on the grounds of unknown sin, would be considered a vessel no longer suitable for trade by ships and ships.

The ■■■■ puzzle does not go into the logo. A real or symbol consists of two small arrows that represent the anchorage and its beads (red, NCO and blue) represent the bead of the French flag, so the bead is inverted. Thus, it is attributed to a اندر ÃâCÃâ to inside the Rhombus, the same around the C, and the â à Ãmmà â pleasant acted as a pleasant, or French flag in rhombus, as Hartwood red and blue. Is colored, and the middle â œCâ. And with this face-to-face figure, or to see who bets on red mushrooms or Carrie Four or consumers, it was already jammed.

Because both mushrooms also have direction or choose to put either red on the tip to differentiate between right and left blue peas or flame red, but beware most of the logo is on the right side of the portal to sterilize. Is used. Seat reception.

Or rhombus  © or the symbol itself, its concept  © or the essence of the image. The combination and harmony of rhombus with mushrooms indicates a terrible or bad taste. Makes Quarteirao feel dizzy. Come on Carrie, come on!

The Kerfor logo has a deep connection to the class: the hypermarket. As Nuclear points out to France. However, the two arrows, in red and blue, cover a message that searches, whether around YouTube A or around YouTube B, you always combine the option or Pass de Carfor.

Why don't you see Either you don't draw the letters or focus on your thoughts, your eyes are either a little towards it or all around it. £ o  Without or at most?

Simbolo Do Carrefour