Silver Bullet

Silver Bullet,

How To Define Silver Bullet?

  • Easy and very effective solutions to very difficult and serious problems. Metaphors indicating the mythical method of killing whirlwinds or similar monsters. Also look at the magic bullet, which basically means the same thing.

Literal Meanings of Silver Bullet


Meanings of Silver:
  1. Chemical element with precious gray white metal, atomic number 47.

  2. Light white-gray or silver appearance.

  3. Cutlery, cans or cutlery.

  4. Silver or metal coins that are similar to money.

  5. It means silver medal

  6. Prepared or colored like silver.

  7. Silver coat or plate

Sentences of Silver
  1. Beryllium, calcium, silver and antimony have no significant effect on mechanical properties.

  2. Dark hair is now highlighted in silver

  3. The thief stole 5,000 in cash

  4. George reached into his pocket and took out some money.

  5. He won three notes

  6. Silver necklace

  7. Claiming to be a silver coin

Synonyms of Silver

silver medal, silverware, coins, coinage, plate with silver, laminate with silver, overlay with silver, silver plate, second prize, back with silver, plate, specie, coat with silver


Meanings of Bullet:
  1. Metal projections included rifles, revolvers or other small firearms, usually cylindrical and sharp, and sometimes explosive.

  2. For example small symbols. B. A solid circle that appears immediately in front of a text line, for example. For example, items listed are printed to highlight them.

  3. A lipstick (considered separate from the tube).

Sentences of Bullet
  1. Authorities also found automatic rifles, ammunition, plastic explosives and other items in the car, he said.

  2. This is a list of my travels, because I consider myself less calligraphy here.

  3. You can apply lipstick directly from the ball, but I like to use a brush

Synonyms of Bullet

shot, ball