Silicon Alley

Silicon Alley,

What is Silicon Alley?

Definition of Silicon Alley: A neighborhood in Manhattan, New York, known for its Internet and multimedia business.

Literal Meanings of Silicon Alley


Meanings of Silicon:
  1. Chemical element atomic number 14, a non-metallic element with semiconductor properties, used in the manufacture of electronic circuits. Pure silicon is available in the form of shiny dark gray particles and as a non-abrasive powder.

Sentences of Silicon
  1. Since silicon does not conduct electricity, impurities are added to make it a conductor.


Meanings of Alley:
  1. A narrow passage between or behind buildings.

  2. Marble toys made of marble, marble or glass.

Sentences of Alley
  1. Take a shortcut to an alley

  2. To shoot correctly, he grabs the ball between his thumb and forefinger and moves the field faster by touching his thumb.

Synonyms of Alley

passage, passageway, alleyway, back alley, backstreet, lane, path, pathway, walk