Signos Fixos

Signos Fixos

Sure, but the fur is strong. Are you a cardinal or a regular? 3

Which madam has personality but strong or extra value but for the leader?


Aries (C) and Lion (F) win Aries.

Caornio (C) and Tower (F) Caornio

Cancer (C) and body (F) body

Le Cobb (C) and Aquarius (F)

Then we draw, we are 2 against 2. But what will you win?

According to the astrologers, there is a natural instinct to guide only in certain signs !! I am from the lion and I know or what I should say, in my words, I am the signature set in mind! Variable characters are not an opinion, but many, and it is very difficult to find one for them! Cardiac signs are strong on the outside ie physically but not internally, ie mentally they are dominated by unequal intelligence, two definite signs that do not work with pure movement or with different thoughts in the background Characters like Lion, Taurus, Scorpio and here are not. A round with hardness and signature, damage to position: Default! We have bags and the right ideas, and we are as afraid of the gift of commitment as anyone else!

So it goes without saying that the role of my chosen ones remains !! Oops, design!

Signos Fixos

Signos Fixos

ac is a mailer in the signed fixed.

Lion (F)

One round)

Scorpio (F)

I read (C)

Yes, but to lead them strong and well!


Signos Fixos