Signo Abril

Signo Abril

I was just born in April What is my sign ??? 10 points ...?

To find your voting sign, you need to tell me what day you were born.

It will be between 9:03 p.m. And April 20 is announced at the behest of Aries.

It will be between April 21. And 20.05. Announced as Tour Sign.

It's up to you on April 20th ... Born, your sign Aries

Now if you were born after that, your sign is © © bull.


Fire element

The dominant planet: Mars

Word: I want. I am or before.

Relationships: Aries, Gemini, Liu, Saharos and Aquarius.

Saturday: Tuesday

Horn: Red

Stones: Gray, Hema, Sapphire (because I'm thinking of Iron)

Metal: Iron

Plant: Carnation

 "rg࣠o: pepper

Incense: Tobacco

Apostle: Simon or guide, actions are a sign of human importance, courage and foresight.

Angel: Psalm 50

The symbol of this series represents a year, date, effect, activity, deed, courage or an important spirit. I know you are brave, confident, dynamic, free, aggressive and victorious.

Negatively, we can be dictatorial, selfish, impatient, flawless, selfish, aggressive, unpredictable and angry.

They are just direct and competitive, we do not use excuses and fearless and do not. With a strong temper, he enthusiastically pursues his personal interests and seeks out new challenges. Yes, business, militant, fast and dynamic. Leo continues on his journey and gets angry when he intervenes or searches. Sometimes a small child can hide a deep sense of equality or a clear sense of confidence from behind.

I need your freedom to act and make decisions. There are some difficulties in working the hard chain and explaining it. S coup £ o In search of coupons and performance, but impatience and restlessness we can not plow and eat. Wealth is never their main goal, the first Dejam Serum managed to gain fame and recognition.

They work well in professions that require leadership, fighting spirit, critical spirit, initiative and quick decisions. However, only mechanics, metallurgy, policing, militancy, medicine, surgery, psychology, martial arts and fighting in general are given as fields.

In general, you have the health and vitality of high performance fur, febrile, hypertension, gastritis and inflammatory diseases in addition to boa constrictor. My explosive mood, restlessness and impatience caused me to have minor accidents with children.

Loving you is victory and warmth, but we can be the other two fools with your needs. In love with intense, but hard to stick. € € Sometimes o © but it is necessary to do or love. You are the stick of victory and challenge and will be necessary for the relationship to last.


Element of the earth

Governing Planet: Venus

Word: I have ten

Affiliation: Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Lee and Minar

Day of the week: Saturday

Horn: Pink

Stone: Emerald

Copper metal

Plant: Rose (pink rose)

r "rgÃÂ £ o: throat

Frankincense: Rose moss

Angel: Aurel Psalm 37

The sign of Taurus means care, determination, perseverance or zeal for possession, acquisition and destruction. Bullfighters are persistent, careful, educated and patient, sexual, strict and calm.

On the negative side, we can be persistent, lazy, scared, bossy, lazy, lazy, good and kissing.

Your killer wants material security and stability. Yes, the companies and restrictions that you have to keep or who have won and have not eliminated their forums. We appreciate good things and enough to give life, heart or peace and pleasures. Tim or Rasa tattoos and the taste is very sharp. Smooth process or results Slow, focused and calm, looking for practical results. Take it as a responsibility, firmly and seriously. Due to the need for extreme security, because the face of the Belfites in the tayammum caused a lot of damage, the ISO bird became young and modern. Intends to maintain the values ​​of things and the Belfites stay with us or get lost or he succeeds in separating our serious relationship because he is interested in achieving more.

Yellow Ode, Wade Force or Long Term and Ampana Bluffite are used to conquer Sella's targets. Participate in activities that make the day feel stable and you are particularly interested in quick wins. Or be in a profession that requires perseverance, focus, enthusiasm, determination or restraint. As mentioned in more areas, they are management, construction, architecture, food, accounting, agriculture, banking and financiers.

He is a very kind and loving senior Kachum, who wants a strong relationship, but is more like a close relationship in terms of feelings.

Physically, bluffite bones are stronger and stiffer, with more difficulty with the neck, spine and lower limbs. Weight, proper diet control l. Have a strong tendency.

Now, I do not believe in these things, be yourself and do not follow these signs anymore, Jesus.

I don't know what my gesture is, let someone tell me what it is

Bombs should be distributed from April onwards or more, yes they are: Aries, 3/21. April 21 to April 20 and Taurus. What day were you born on May 20? Look and see what era he is in. Focus on finding something but the role is yours, don't just add it to the Google Word character and you click on the link, the article is derived from the character or your thing.

Signo Abril

Signo Abril

April 30


I need to know your date of birth

Signo Abril