Signature Authority

Signature Authority,

Signature Authority Meanings:

  • Ability to sign or approve accounting documents manually or electronically. Assigned to budget unit or group level.

Literal Meanings of Signature Authority


Meanings of Signature:
  1. This person's name is clearly written in the form of identification so that the check or document or a letter can be sealed.

  2. Summary for key or time signature

  3. Letters or numbers printed at the end of one or more pages of each sheet of paper in a book as a binding aid.

  4. The part of the prescription that contains instructions or prescriptions for using the medicine.

Sentences of Signature
  1. Signature of the Executive Officer

  2. Consecutive signatures became common only in the 17th century.

Synonyms of Signature

X, initials, dedication, imprint, message, signature, address, autograph, squiggle, scribble, cross


Meanings of Authority:
  1. The authority or right to command, make decisions, and enforce obedience.

  2. A person or organization with power or control in a particular area, usually in a political or administrative area.

  3. The power to influence others, especially your arrogant behavior or your knowledge of things.

Sentences of Authority
  1. It has complete control over its subsidiaries

  2. Health officials

  3. Someone has a natural choice to obey

Synonyms of Authority

dominion, the system, the administration, charge, the government, the bureaucracy, dominance, supremacy, the establishment, officials, mastery, ascendancy, rule, the people in charge, sovereignty, command, domination, officialdom, jurisdiction, control, power