Definition of Signal:

  1. General: Acoustic, electronic, or visual means used in transmitting or signifying an item of information.

  2. An electrical impulse or radio wave transmitted or received.

  3. An apparatus on a railroad, typically a colored light or a semaphore, giving indications to train engineers of whether or not the line is clear.

  4. Telecommunications: Energy applied to a circuit to cause it to perform an intended action, such as transmission or reception of information.

  5. A gesture, action, or sound that is used to convey information or instructions, typically by prearrangement between the parties concerned.

  6. Transmit information or instructions by means of a gesture, action, or sound.

Synonyms of Signal

Gesture, Sign, Wave, Gesticulation, Cue, Prompt, Indicator, Indication, Communication, Message, ALGOL, COBOL, CRT spot, DM display, Doppler signal, EDP, FORTRAN, IF signal, IM display, RF echoes, Roman candle, Teletype, Wirephoto, Aid to navigation, Alarm, Alert, Alphabetic data, Alphanumeric code, Amber light, Angular data, Announce, Arresting, Assembler, Astonishing, Badge, Balefire, Banner, Beacon, Beacon fire, Beam, Beat signal, Beat the drum, Beckon, Bell, Bell buoy, Binary digit, Binary scale, Binary system, Bit, Blink, Blinker, Blips, Blue peter, Bounces, Broad hint, Broadcast, Bug, Buoy, Byte, Caution light, Celebrated, Channel, Character, Characteristic, Clue, Command pulses, Commands, Communicate, Communication, Communication explosion, Communication theory, Communicational, Communications, Compiler, Computer code, Computer language, Computer program, Consequential, Conspicuous, Control signals, Controlled quantity, Convey, Correcting signals, Cue, Data, Data retrieval, Data storage, Decoding, Device, Differentia, Dip, Dip the ensign, Display, Disseminate, Distinctive, Distinguished, Double-dot display, Dress ship, Earmark, Echo, Echo signal, Egregious, Electronic data processing, Eminent, Encoding, Entropy, Error, Error signals, Esteemed, Estimable, Exceptional, Exchange colors, Extraordinary, Fabulous, Facsimile, Famous, Fantastic, Feedback pulses, Feedback signals, Film data, Flag, Flag down, Flare, Flash, Fog bell, Fog signal, Fog whistle, Foghorn, Formidable, Gentle hint, Gesticulate, Gesture, Get across, Get over, Give, Give a signal, Give the nod, Give word, Glance, Glimmer, Glimmering, Go light, Goad, Gong buoy, Green light, Hail, Hail and speak, Half-mast, Hallmark, Hand on, Heliograph, Hexadecimal system, High sign, Hint, Hoist a banner, Idiosyncrasy, Illustrious, Image, Impart, Impetus, Implication, Important, Incitement, Incredible, Index, Indicant, Indicate, Indication, Indicator, Individual, Information, Information explosion, Information theory, Inkling, Innuendo, Input data, Input quantity, Insignia, Insinuation, Instructions, International alphabet flag, International numeral pennant, Intimation, Keynote, Kick, Leave word, Leer, Local oscillator signal, Look, Machine language, Magnetotelephonic, Make a sign, Make a signal, Make known, Mark, Marked, Marker beacon, Marvelous, Measure, Memorable, Message, Microtelephonic, Momentous, Monotelephonic, Motion, Movement, Multiple messages, Noble, Nod, Noise, Notable, Note, Noteworthy, Noticeable, Notify, Nudge, Numeric data, Octal system, Of mark, Oscillograph data, Output data, Output quantity, Output signal, Outstanding, Parachute flare, Pass, Pass along, Pass on, Peculiar, Peculiarity, Phototelegraphic, Picture, Pilot flag, Pips, Play, Poke, Polar data, Police whistle, Prestigious, Prick, Prominent, Prompt, Property, Punch-card data, Quarantine flag, Radar signal, Radio, Radio beacon, Radiotelegraphic, Raise a cry, Random data, Rare, Reading, Rectangular data, Red flag, Red light, Redundancy, Reference quantity, Reflection, Remarkable, Rememberable, Render, Renowned, Report, Representation, Representative, Reputable, Return, Return signal, Rocket, Ruly English, Sailing aid, Salient, Salute, Scent, Seal, Semaphore, Semaphore flag, Semaphore telegraph, Send, Send word, Share, Share with, Sigil, Sign, Signal beacon, Signal bell, Signal display, Signal fire, Signal flag, Signal gong, Signal gun, Signal lamp, Signal light, Signal mast, Signal post, Signal rocket, Signal shot, Signal siren, Signal tower, Signalize, Signals, Signature, Significant, Significative, Single messages, Singular, Sound an alarm, Sound the trumpet, Spar buoy, Speak, Special, Spoor, Spot, Spur, Stamp, Stimulus, Stop light, Striking, Suggestion, Superior, Sure sign, Suspicion, Symptom, Target image, Telecommunicational, Telegraphic, Telephonic, Telephotographic, Tell, Telling, Telltale, Telltale sign, The nod, The wink, Thermotelephonic, Tocsin, Touch, Trace, Track, Traffic light, Traffic signal, Trait, Transfer, Transmit, Transmitter signal, Uncommon, Unforgettable, Unfurl a flag, Unique, Unorganized data, Unusual, Video signal, Visible-speech data, Watch fire, Wave, Wave a flag, Wave the hand, Weighty, Whisper, Whistle, White flag, Wigwag, Wigwag flag, Wink, Wireless, Wonderful, Yellow flag

How to use Signal in a sentence?

  1. The driver of the mail train overran a signal at danger and ran into the rear of an express.
  2. Hold your fire until I signal.
  3. The firing of the gun was the signal for a chain of beacons to be lit.
  4. Equipment for receiving TV signals.

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