Definition of Sigma:

  1. Standard deviation.

  2. Mathematical sum.

  3. See Six Sigma.

  4. The eighteenth letter of the Greek alphabet (Σ, σ), transliterated as ‘s.’.

  5. The eighteenth star in a constellation.

  6. In mathematics, the Greek symbol sigma represents a summation operator.

  7. Relating to or denoting an electron or orbital with zero angular momentum around an internuclear axis.

How to use Sigma in a sentence?

  1. These conical intersections are fundamentally different from the ‘H-vinyl’ structures found in simple alkenes because they involve the interaction of four sigma electrons, as opposed to two pi electrons and two sigma electrons.
  2. He coined this latter term and employed the Greek letter lower case sigma to denote its population parameter.
  3. Sigma Octantis.

Meaning of Sigma & Sigma Definition