Sidetrack agreement

Sidetrack agreement,

Definition of Sidetrack agreement:

  1. An agreement made between a railroad and a property owner on whose property the railroad has built a sidetrack. This agreement usually states, among other things, that the property owner will not hold the railroad liable for losses caused by accidents.

Meaning of Sidetrack agreement & Sidetrack agreement Definition

Sidetrack Agreement,

Sidetrack Agreement Definition:

  • Sidetrack Agreement can be defined as, Synonyms See key terms in rail transfer agreements.

  • Sidetrack Agreement means: An agreement between the company and the railways in which the railroad facilitates the supply of railways in place of the company and the company works to compensate the railways with any liability.

  • Agreement between private property owner / operator to maintain a safe railway line. Or compound compensation) Two risks of damage: one is material damage or loss, the other is damage or liability caused by a third party running the railway walls. Since you are not harming the train, you have to protect yourself. As for the first risk (property), the applicable policy must prove that the insurance relates to the right to transfer. The insurer must also cover Cedtrick's liability insurance in order to protect itself in the event of liability under the Cedtrick agreement.

Literal Meanings of Sidetrack Agreement


Meanings of Sidetrack:
  1. Remove someone (s) from an immediate or important issue.

  2. Fork or road driving (train)

  3. A small path or trail.

Sentences of Sidetrack
  1. Exposed to fashion and trends

  2. The train will be diverted to the line towards the terminal

  3. The horse climbs a cliff

Synonyms of Sidetrack

trackway, passageway, towpath, sidetrack, riding, ride, alley, footpath, walkway, berm, esplanade, pathway, alleyway, causeway, distract, avenue, lane, right of way, byway, put someone off their stroke, divert someone's attention, cause someone to lose their concentration, jogging track, disturb someone's concentration, track


Meanings of Agreement:
  1. Harmony or consensus of opinion or sense of position or the result of an agreement.

Sentences of Agreement
  1. The government has not reached an agreement

Synonyms of Agreement

concurrence, sympathy, accordance, consensus, concord, rapport, harmony, unison, like-mindedness, accord, unity