Sidebuster Old West

Sidebuster Old West

What is a sidebuster?

Definition of sodbuster. : a person or thing (such as a jack or a plow) that breaks the pike.

What does the word sidebuster mean in this sense?

Definition of sodbuster. : a person or thing (such as a farmer or a plow) that breaks the shovel.

What does sodbuster mean in history?

Sodbuster was a program initiated under title 12 of the Food Safety Act 1985 which aimed to prevent the plowing of eroded grasslands for use as arable land. Super Sodbuster was retired by Bill Bill in 1996.

I also asked what are some cowboy expressions?


  • A hogkillin moment: a very good moment
  • A lick and a promise: do it randomly.

  • Speaking of snakes: if you were above snakes, you were above earth, which means you are still alive
  • Top: first class, respected1, 3, 4
  • Ace in the Hole: Hideout or Hidden Weapon 4
What does wild west mean?

Definition of the Wild West. : the Western United States in its period of cruelty and anarchy.

What does cowboy mean sexually?

Driving a car (or eating out) is a partner with an extreme sexual connotation, as in the task assigned to you, and which usually involves a woman. Like a cowgirl with the roles reversed.

What is the name of a cowboy woman?

COWGIRL: We prefer the term cowboy, and the term cowboy used on this page refers to both genders. COWPUNCHER: Also called Buckaroo, Cow Poke, Waddie, Cowboy and in Spanish Vaquero. The terms of the cowboy vary by region. The term cow punch or puncher is used most often in the Southwest.

How do cowboys greet?

Hey Texas Official Greetings

What do you call a fake cowboy?

Sidebuster Old West