Sick leave

Sick leave,

Definition of Sick leave:

  1. A pre-determined amount of days allotted to an employee to take off from work if he or she becomes sick. The employee usually does not have to work a certain amount of time to acquire sick leave. At some companies, the days provided rollover year to year, but this is not always the case. Sick leave and personal leave may sometimes be combined together in the allotment.

  2. Leave of absence granted because of illness.

Synonyms of Sick leave

AWOL, French leave, Abscondence, Absence, Absence without leave, Absentation, Absenteeism, Absenting, Cut, Day off, Default, Departure, Disappearance, Escape, Excused absence, Fleeing, Furlough, Holiday, Hooky, Leave, Leave of absence, Leaving, Nonappearance, Nonattendance, Running away, Sabbatical leave, Truancy, Truantism, Unexcused absence, Vacation

How to use Sick leave in a sentence?

  1. He took a weeks sick leave.

Meaning of Sick leave & Sick leave Definition