Does any brother know?

I think you can go to any Siberian shipyard and find Siberia.

This is not a real race. It cannot be identified by AKC or UCC, so it is not a breed, it is a stray dog ​​named after dog mills and barcards all over the world.

So all you have to do is find the owner of a dog grinder or barcard and you end up with a sick dog who grew up with dogs and has an unpredictable temperament.

Do not add coupons. Yes, he is called a stray dog, not a brother. Of course, not all branded dogs are leaders. Test or protection. Saves lives and does not support BYB.




does not exist. Rebels do not breed stray dogs.

Go to the shelter and rescue a dog from the line.

Cybernetic? I thought you could google it.

I do not believe that anyone can offer such insults against Siberian dogs and straw.

Oops, please don't read if you can find it. I can't even imagine how it is and when you take it, because it doesn't drip, I think most of the mixture will come out!

Called a stray dog, not a good Siberian. Don't pick up a stray dog

Sorry, my first reaction was that it was a new carpet shampoo ...

So once my mind is on what you mean, I don't think there's anything that connects these two races ... sorry, mixed creatures, it's possible.

OMFG I bet people make that kind of party!