Definition of Shutdown:

  1. Period during which an equipment, machine, or plant is out of service.

  2. A closure of a factory or system, typically a temporary closure due to a malfunction or for maintenance.

Synonyms of Shutdown

Abandonment, Blockade, Breakoff, Cease, Ceasing, Cessation, Close, Closing, Closure, Desinence, Desistance, Discontinuance, Discontinuation, Occlusion, Relinquishment, Renunciation, Shutting, Shutting up, Stopping, Surcease, Termination, Closing down, Shutting down, Shutdown, Winding up

How to use Shutdown in a sentence?

  1. Engines should be allowed to cool down between a shutdown and the next start.

Meaning of Shutdown & Shutdown Definition