Definition of Showrooming:

  1. Purchasing an item online after you have looked at and inspected the item in a store. Due to increased online shopping, showrooming has become extremely common. Many customers are worried about purchasing an item online before physically being able to see the product. Therefore, many consumers will first go to the brick and mortar retail store first to look at and test out the item but will not purchase it in the store. They will then purchase the item online because they have found a lower price. Many retailers are trying to combat showrooming by offering special incentives that can only be obtained if the item is purchased in store; some are also going as far as introducing a fitting fee to deter customers from just browsing and not purchasing anything.

  2. Electronic retailers are considered to be among the most vulnerable to showrooming, since the majority of consumers still like to check out the look and feel of electronic products before making a purchase commitment. At the same time, electronic items are among the most popular online purchases because of their relatively small size. In any case, numerous online retailers offer free shipping if the purchase exceeds a certain dollar threshold. Another retailer vulnerable to showrooming are brick-and-morter bookstores, particularly independent stores where prices may be higher than online stores like Amazon. .

  3. The practice of examining merchandise or products in a store and then buying it online for a lower price. "Showrooming" benefits online retailers, since they can offer cheaper prices than brick-and-mortar retailers for identical products because of their lower overhead. They also do not collect sales tax in most cases. The tremendous surge in popularity of smartphones and mobile devices has substantially aided and abetted showrooming, since it gives shoppers much greater flexibility to check online prices and even place product orders online.

  4. The practice of visiting a store or stores in order to examine a product before buying it online at a lower price.

Meaning of Showrooming & Showrooming Definition