Shoujo Meaning

Shoujo Meaning

What does dirty and numb mean? ۔

I don't know what those words mean, but I see them anyway.


Manga Sujo (also called Manga Sujo) is primarily for girls. She is a Sunni woman. Stories often focus on romance and love, and romance and drama are deeply rooted in genres.

the sun

Sunin Manga (also called Sunin Manga) is primarily for children. This is a man who is equal to filth. Stories often focus on combat and action and are deeply rooted in a variety of action, adventure and martial arts.

Mobile phones with a male main character and many cute / beautiful supporting characters. Usually, the male lives in the same scene with several supporting female characters. The captain usually represents the average man who is not shy, weird and has a girlfriend. Although each female character around the captain has different physical and personality traits, these traits still represent the different stereotypes they play in pornography.

Shoujo Meaning