Shortfall Definition:

  • Deficit is the amount by which financial liability or liability exceeds the available cash. Deficits can be temporary or permanent due to a number of special circumstances. In this case, it may indicate inappropriate financial management practices. Regardless of the type of deficit, it is a major commercial concern and is usually corrected immediately by short-term debt or capital injection.

    • Deficit refers to a financial obligation or obligation that exceeds the cash required to meet this obligation.
    • Deficits can be temporary or permanent, the latter indicating economic stagnation.
    • Ways to improve the deficit include best practices for debt, capital injection and cash management.
    • Temporary deficits can be reduced through hedging strategies to reduce the negative effects of prices.

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Meanings of Shortfall

  1. Loss of need or expectation of something.

Sentences of Shortfall

  1. billion is facing a deficit of 10 billion

Synonyms of Shortfall

limitation, weakness, inadequacy, failing, imperfection, deficiency, defect, blemish, foible, weak point, fault, shortcoming, weak spot