Shortfall Risk

Shortfall Risk,

What is The Definition of Shortfall Risk?

  1. Shortfall Risk refers to Random variables are likely to fall below a certain threshold. (The possibility of bankruptcy is a particular case of deficit risk, where the threshold is the point at which capital ends.)

Literal Meanings of Shortfall Risk


Meanings of Shortfall:
  1. Loss of something that is needed or expected.

Sentences of Shortfall
  1. It is facing an estimated deficit of 10 10 billion.


Meanings of Risk:
  1. Risk management situation

  2. Expose someone or something valuable for loss, damage or loss.

Synonyms of Risk

imperil, put in jeopardy, expose to danger, endanger, danger, gamble (with), prospect, probability, menace, possibility, peril, hazard, put in danger, jeopardize, chance, put at risk, put on the line, likelihood, take a chance with, venture, bet, wager, fear, threat