Definition of Shortage:

  1. A situation in which the quantity available or accessible in the market is less than the demand requirement at a given time or at a given price.

  2. An economic shortage is a situation in which the quantity demanded exceeds the market value.

  3. Circumstances or situations in which something is needed cannot be obtained in sufficient quantity.

  4. In the general working market, there is a balance between the quantity demanded and the quantity supplied by the market forces. Shortage is a situation in which the demand for a product or service far exceeds the available supply. In this case, the market is unbalanced. This condition is usually temporary when the product is reloaded and the market returns to balance. The sheep are not the same as the sheep, because the sheep are usually only temporary and can be solved, while the sheep are usually systemic and cannot be saved.

Synonyms of Shortage

Famine, Destitution, Arrearage, Insufficiency, Ullage, Impairment, Unperfectedness, Faultiness, Slump, Falling short, Starvation, Tightness, Gap, Want, Deficiency, Deficiency, Meagreness, Adulteration, Immaturity, Scarcity, Absence, Inadequateness, Insufficiency, Scantiness, Beggary, Unsoundness, Impurity, Erroneousness, Omission, Paucity, Lack, Poverty, Limitedness, Paucity, Inexactitude, Rareness, Inferiority, Fallibility, Deficit, Inadequacy, Delinquency, Break, Default, Sketchiness, Want, Shortfall, Incompleteness, Shortcoming, Underage, Shortfall, Drought, Interval, Inadequacy, Short measure, Rarity, Restrictedness, Lack, Discontinuity, Lacuna, Sparseness, Arrear, Defectibility, Wantage, Inexactness, Defalcation, Undevelopment, Curtailment, Need, Missing link, Pinch, Inaccuracy, Mediocrity, Dearth, Arrears, Patchiness, Hiatus, Defect, Defectiveness, Imperfection, Failure, Decline, Dearth, Scantiness, Scarcity, Sparsity, Deprivation, Famine, Unevenness, Impoverishment, Outage, Deficit

How to use Shortage in a sentence?

  1. Lack of liquidity.
  2. Economically, scarcity is a condition in which the quantity demanded exceeds the market value.
  3. We need to run our business. We are facing shortage of these special oils because they are imported and not available.
  4. There are three main reasons for the congestion: increasing demand, declining supply and government intervention.
  5. When demand is high, your product disappears and you need to produce faster.
  6. Enforcement is not the same as reduction.
  7. There is a shortage of water, so we have to determine the amount of drinking water every day, which is not too much.

Meaning of Shortage & Shortage Definition