Short-Term Loans

Short-Term Loans,

Short-Term Loans: What is the Meaning of Short-Term Loans?

  1. Meaning of Short-Term Loans: The loan is expected to be settled in less than a year.

Literal Meanings of Short-Term Loans


Meanings of Short:
  1. Keep some distance from the end to the end.

  2. Long lasting or time consuming.

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Sentences of Short
  1. Short brown hair

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  3. Short speech

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Synonyms of Short

quick, blunt, ill-mannered, brusque, ephemeral, contracted, lightning, minuscule, short-term, uncivil, flying, tiny, summarized, fleeting, cursory, little, short-lived, pointed, brittle, abrupt, succinct, offhand


Meanings of Term:
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Sentences of Term
  1. The musical term "litmotio"

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  3. Summer semester

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Synonyms of Term

entitle, period, provision, call, designate, stint, duration, title, style, turn of phrase, length of time, period of time, proviso, requisite, condition, spell, dub, prerequisite, phrase, name, label, time, specification, word, tag


Meanings of Loans:
  1. Some loans, especially money that must be repaid with interest.

  2. Debt (cash or assets)

  3. Narrow streets or paths, especially those leading to open spaces.

Sentences of Loans
  1. The borrower can get a loan of £ 84,000

  2. We borrowed a computer from the theater

Synonyms of Loans

credit, lend, allow, advance, give credit