Short-Term Investments

Short-Term Investments,

Short-Term Investments means,

  1. A short-term investment, also known as a bond or temporary investment, is an investment that can usually be easily converted into cash within 5 years. Many short-term investments are sold after only 312 months or converted into cash. Some common examples of short-term investments are deposit certificates, money market accounts, high yield savings accounts, government bonds and government bonds. This investment is usually a high liquidity, high quality investment vehicle or asset.

    • Short-term investments are highly liquid bonds or assets intended to provide temporary and secure parking for additional liquidity.
    • Short-term investments can also refer to stocks that the company owns but intends to sell in one year or (if bonds) mature in one year.
    • Certificates of reserves, money market accounts, and treasury bills are generally short-term, low-risk investments.

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