Short Sale (real Estate)

Short Sale (real Estate),

What Does Short Sale (real Estate) Mean?

  1. When a home is sold for less than a mortgage.

Literal Meanings of Short Sale (real Estate)


Meanings of Short:
  1. Cause of short circuit or short circuit.

  2. Sell ​​before you buy (stocks or shares or other goods) for the purpose of making a profit when the price is low.

  3. Alcoholic beverages are served in small quantities.

  4. A short film against a feature film.

  5. For example, a short accent. B. Short Morse code or short head or short letter.

  6. A short circuit.

  7. Someone who sells short.

  8. A mixture of bran and coarse flour.

Sentences of Short
  1. Short circuit

  2. Short brown hair

  3. Visit London for a short break

  4. Short speech

Synonyms of Short

meteoric, pointed, contracted, abridged, crumbly, short and sweet, ungracious, minuscule, fading, impermanent, uncivil, offhand, graceless, surly, condensed, evanescent, snappy, gruff, abbreviated, succinct, blunt


Meanings of Sale:
  1. Exchanging goods for money, selling something.

  2. The period of time that the retailer sells the product at a lower price.

Sentences of Sale
  1. We give up selling

  2. License sale

Synonyms of Sale

disposal, vending, selling, bargain, deal, transaction


Meanings of Real:
  1. Really much

  2. It really exists because something really is or should be unimaginable.

  3. (Substances or objects) that are not imitations or real imitations.

  4. Full pronunciation (used for emphasis)

  5. Adjust for change in monetary value, according to purchase price.

  6. (A number or set) that has no imaginary component.

  7. The type (of an image) into which light enters, which enters form, is absolutely virtual.

  8. Fixed assets (ie land and buildings) as opposed to private property.

  9. Brazil's base currency unit has been 100 cents since 1994.

Sentences of Real
  1. Julius Caesar is a real person

  2. The earrings are probably real gold

  3. Real income fell 30 percent

  4. In this case, this is not a problem, since the domain of the sign function is made up of all real numbers.

  5. We have seen in the last section that a real image consists of light traveling through a convex lens.

  6. He lost almost all his property

  7. Furthermore, the currencies of this market have appreciated, which means that the Hungarian franchise or the dollar is rising again.

Synonyms of Real

thorough, immensely, actual, extremely, perfect, non-fictitious, utter, total, exceptionally, exceedingly, especially, vastly, tremendously, genuine, absolute, hugely, prize, factual, complete, non-fictional, bona fide, veritable, authentic, existent


Meanings of Estate:
  1. There are a lot of people in this country, usually a big house belongs to a person, family or organization.

  2. All the money and property of a person, especially after death

  3. A class or order is considered part of a political party, especially (in England) one of the three groups that now forms the parliament, now the clergy (church leaders), the secular rulers (aristocrats) and the noble house. Vice is also commonly known as the three domain names. A special class or category of people in society.

  4. A particular state, a specific period or a particular state of life.

Sentences of Estate
  1. The grandparents then moved to another house on their parents' farm and farmed their land as much as possible.

  2. He voluntarily divided his wealth between his wife and daughter

  3. Unity is no longer the domain of the empire

  4. Human domain improvement programs

Synonyms of Estate

worth, capital, fortune, ground, lot, resources, possessions, property, condition, position, fields, circumstance, assets, open area, things, open space, fate, state, wealth, riches