Short Coupon

Short Coupon,

Short Coupon Meanings:

  • Payment with bond interest for a term of less than six months.

Literal Meanings of Short Coupon


Meanings of Short:
  1. Cause of short circuit or short circuit.

  2. Sell ​​before you buy (stocks or shares or other goods) for the purpose of making a profit when the price is low.

  3. Alcoholic beverages are served in small quantities.

  4. A short film against a feature film.

  5. For example, a short accent. B. Short Morse code or short head or short letter.

  6. A short circuit.

  7. Someone who sells short.

  8. Mix rice flour and coarse flour.

  9. Keep a short distance from one end to the other.

  10. Finally, or take some time.

  11. Relatively small extension.

  12. (Of a letter) is categorized as short in terms of quality and length (for example, in standard British English, the head is short as opposed to the head / long head in good).

  13. Short road (by someone)

  14. (Difficulty or luck) Reflecting or representing a high probability.

  15. (Flour) which has a higher percentage of fat than flour and because of this it separates.

  16. Relatively short distances or more than relatively short distances (especially in sports)

Sentences of Short
  1. Short circuit

  2. Short brown hair

  3. Visit London for a short break

  4. Short speech

Synonyms of Short

impolite, fading, passing, concise, brief, minuscule, to the point, flying, short-lived, lightning, short and sweet, graceless, abridged, ephemeral, bad-mannered, epigrammatic, abrupt, little, crispy, gruff, summarized, pointed, short-term, brittle, discourteous, abbreviated, testy


Meanings of Coupon:
  1. Buy vouchers that entitle you to discounts on certain products.

  2. A form in a newspaper or magazine that can be filled out and submitted as a purchase order or information.

  3. Collect and use coupons or vouchers (from customers) that offer discounts on products or services.

Sentences of Coupon
  1. The current icing price is 5 5 per day, ڈالر 28 per week and a discount rate if the user uses the available coupons.

  2. In magazines or newspapers, coupons can be part of an ad, as we saw in ad 12.3.

  3. Coupons are ready and budgeted to support your family of six.

Synonyms of Coupon

order, form, credit note, entry form, application form, tear-off slip, chit, docket, coupon, voucher, stamp, IOU