Short circuit

Short circuit,

Definition of Short circuit:

  1. In a device, an electrical circuit of lower resistance than that of a normal circuit, typically resulting from the unintended contact of components and consequent accidental diversion of the current.

  2. Defect in circuit or wiring that causes normal electrical path to be bypassed, resulting in disrupted transmission, overheating, burnout, or fire.

  3. (with reference to an electrical device) malfunction or fail, or cause to do this, as a result of a short circuit across it.

Synonyms of Short circuit

Amplify, Break, Broken circuit, Charge, Circuit, Circuital field, Closed circuit, Complete circuit, Dead circuit, Electrify, Energize, Galvanic circuit, Galvanize, Generate, Hot circuit, Lateral circuit, Leg, Live circuit, Loop, Loop in, Magnetic circuit, Microcircuit, Multiple circuit, Multiple series, Path, Plug in, Printed circuit, Series multiple, Shock, Short, Step down, Step up, Stiffen, Switch off, Switch on, Turn off, Turn on, Vector field, Short-circuit, Burn out, Stop working, Trip, Break

How to use Short circuit in a sentence?

  1. An office block had been set on fire by an electrical short circuit.
  2. The birds caused the electricity supply to short-circuit.

Meaning of Short circuit & Short circuit Definition