Short Bond

Short Bond,

Short Bond means,

  1. The short-term bonus is a relatively subjective concept, but it usually means two years or less.

Literal Meanings of Short Bond


Meanings of Short:
  1. The cause of the short circuit or short circuit.

  2. Sell ​​before you buy (stocks or shares or other goods) for the purpose of making a profit when the price is low.

  3. Alcoholic beverages are served in small quantities.

  4. A short film against a feature film.

  5. For example, a short accent. B. Short Morse code or short head or short headless.

  6. A short circuit.

  7. Someone who sells short.

  8. A mixture of bran and coarse flour.

  9. Keep a short distance from one end to the other.

  10. Finally, or take some time.

  11. Relatively small extension.

  12. (Of a letter) is categorized as short in terms of quality and length (for example, in standard British English, the head // as opposed to the long head / uː / in food).

  13. Short road (by someone)

  14. (Difficulty or luck) Reflecting or representing a high probability.

Sentences of Short
  1. Short circuit

  2. Short brown hair

  3. Visit London for a short break

  4. Short speech

Synonyms of Short

surly, compendious, ephemeral, synoptic, curt, testy, compact, impermanent, summarized, snappy, transient, blunt, momentary, pointed, small, quick, fugitive, short-term, little, brief, abridged, temporary, contracted, curtailed, flying, offhand, uncivil, rude, evanescent, crumbly


Meanings of Bond:
  1. Stick to something else, especially adhesive, heat or pressure.

  2. Join or be involved in chemical bonds.

  3. Lay bricks in an overlapping pattern to form a solid structure.

  4. (Taxable goods) Customs.

  5. Relationships between people or groups based on shared feelings, interests or experiences.

  6. The contact between two surfaces or objects, including by adhesive, heat or pressure.

  7. According to the power of law.

  8. The pattern in which the bricks are placed to ensure the strength of the resulting structure.

Sentences of Bond
  1. Press the components to join the layers

  2. Neutral molecules attached to the central atom

  3. The overhanging castle is shaped like a drum, built of stone with red bricks laying horizontally.

  4. Assets may need to be sold or consolidated to provide liquidity to pay this tax.

  5. There is a relationship of understanding between them

  6. There is no effective link between concrete and steel.

  7. Marriage may be obsolete as a legal bond, but I doubt it.

  8. Link in English

Synonyms of Bond

pledge, solder, affiliation, fasten, coalition, paste, solemn word, weld, word, guarantee, assurance, attach, affix, gum, relationship, promise, oath, fix, connect, stick, bind, join, fuse, fellowship