Shop floor

Shop floor,

Definition of Shop floor:

  1. The area of ​​the manufacturing facility where assembly or production is done by automated systems or workers or a combination of both. Workshops may include equipment, warehouse and storage area.

  2. The part of the workshop or factory where the work takes place, excluding office work.

Synonyms of Shop floor

Plant, Industrial unit, Mill, Manufacturing complex, Atelier, Studio, Workshop, Business unit, Factory, Garage, Foundry, Works, Workroom, Yard

How to use Shop floor in a sentence?

  1. Workshop conditions in the workshop.

Meaning of Shop floor & Shop floor Definition

Shop Floor,

Shop Floor: What is the Meaning of Shop Floor?

  1. Shop Floor refers to Workers, usually in factories, are different from managers. The area of ​​the factory where the goods are produced.

Literal Meanings of Shop Floor


Meanings of Shop:
  1. Visit one or more stores or websites to purchase products.

  2. Report (to someone)

  3. Edit digitally (photos) with Photoshop photo editing software.

  4. A building or part of a building where goods or services are sold, a shop.

  5. A place where something is done or repaired in a workshop.

Sentences of Shop
  1. She goes shopping twice a week

  2. Card shop

  3. Car Repair Shop

Synonyms of Shop

retail store, store, go to the shops, betray, tell tales on, retail outlet, inform on, break one's promise to, sell out, be disloyal to, stab in the back, go shopping, outlet, break faith with, be unfaithful to, buy what one wants, inform against, cash and carry, do the shopping, buy things, reseller


Meanings of Floor:
  1. Prepare the floor (room or room).

  2. From (someone's) ground, especially a hit.

  3. Lower floor of the interior room.

  4. All rooms or areas on one level of a one-story building.

  5. The part of the House (in the Legislative Assembly) where the deputies sit and speak.

Sentences of Floor
  1. A stone one storey building

  2. The cup fell and fell to the floor

  3. An apartment on the third floor

  4. I don't need Labor MPs shouting around the house and telling me what to do.

Synonyms of Floor

deck, level, knock over, ground, knock down, rugby-tackle, prostrate, fell, storey, flooring, bring down, tier

Shop Floor,

What is The Definition of Shop Floor?

  • Workers, usually in factories, are different from managers. Factory area where goods are auctioned.

Literal Meanings of Shop Floor


Meanings of Shop:
  1. A place where things are made or repaired, a workshop.

  2. (Tell someone

  3. Digitally edit with Photoshop image editing software.

Sentences of Shop
  1. Video library

  2. Selling your husband to the boss to bring home tools.

  3. I thought you bought the picture.

Synonyms of Shop

snitch on, fink on, emporium, put someone's pot on, do the dirty on, peach on, put the finger on, chain store, snap up, warehouse, lockup, stand, acquire, grass on, hypermarket, purchase, procure, pool, big box, ■■■■ on, drop a/the dime on, mart, department store, mall, booth, bargain basement, counter, trading post, concession, warehouse club


Meanings of Floor:
  1. Accessible bottom level

  2. All rooms or areas of a room in a one-story building.

  3. The part of the chamber where the deputies sit and speak.

  4. Provide the floor (living room or room).

  5. Hit (someone) to the ground, especially with one hit.

Sentences of Floor
  1. Bedroom with yellow floor.

  2. The champion closes with a punch.

Synonyms of Floor

catch off balance, lay out, piano nobile, mezzanine, entresol