Definition of Shock:

  1. Short for shock absorber.

  2. A sudden upsetting or surprising event or experience.

  3. Event that causes an outcome radically different from what was generally expected.

  4. Collide violently.

  5. A violent shaking movement caused by an impact, explosion, or tremor.

  6. Cause (someone) to feel surprised and upset.

  7. Affect with physiological shock, or with an electric shock.

  8. An acute medical condition associated with a fall in blood pressure, caused by such events as loss of blood, severe burns, bacterial infection, allergic reaction, or sudden emotional stress, and marked by cold, pallid skin, irregular breathing, rapid pulse, and dilated pupils.

Origin of word Shock

Mid 17th century origin uncertain; compare with obsolete shough, denoting a breed of lapdog. The word originally denoted a dog with long shaggy hair, and was then used as an adjective meaning ‘unkempt, shaggy’. The current sense dates from the early 19th century.

Synonyms of Shock

Vibration, Shaking movement, Reverberation, Shake, Jolt, Jar, Jarring, Jerk, Blow, Upset, Disturbance, Source of distress, Source of amazement, Source of consternation, AC arc, Poulsen arc, Abscess, Accident, Ache, Aching, Agitate, Ague, Amplify, Anaphylactic shock, Anemia, Ankylosis, Anoxia, Aperiodic discharge, Apnea, Appall, Appulse, Arc, Arc column, Arc discharge, Asphyxiation, Asthma, Astonish, Astound, Ataxia, Atrophy, Awe, Backache, Bank, Batch, Battle fatigue, Bleeding, Blennorhea, Blow, Bob, Bobble, Bombshell, Bounce, Bowl down, Bowl over, Breakdown, Brunt, Brush discharge, Bulldozing, Bulling, Bump, Bunch, Cachexia, Cachexy, Calamity, Cannon, Carambole, Carom, Casualty, Cataclysm, Catalepsy, Catastrophe, Charge, Chatter, Chill, Chills, Clash, Clump, Cluster, Cock, Colic, Collapse, Collision, Coma, Combat fatigue, Concussion, Constipation, Contretemps, Convulsion, Copse, Coughing, Crack-up, Cramp, Crash, Crop, Crump, Crunch, Cut, Cyanosis, Daze, Diarrhea, Didder, Disaster, Discharge, Discombobulate, Discompose, Disconcert, Disgust, Disquiet, Disruptive discharge, Distress, Disturb, Dither, Dizziness, Dolor, Dropsy, Dumbfound, Dysentery, Dyspepsia, Dyspnea, Edema, Electric discharge, Electric shock, Electric spark, Electrify, Electrodeless discharge, Emaciation, Encephalitis lethargica, Encounter, Energize, Eye-opener, Fainting, Falter, Fatigue, Fever, Fibrillation, Flabbergast, Fleece, Floor, Flurry, Fluster, Flutter, Flux, Freeze, Frighten, Fuss, Galvanic shock, Galvanize, Generate, Give offense, Glow discharge, Grief, Grimace, Gross out, Group, Grouping, Groupment, Grove, Growth, Hammering, Hassock, Have an ague, Head, Head of hair, Hemorrhage, High, High blood pressure, Hill, Horrify, Hurt, Hustle, Hydrops, Hypertension, Hypoglycemic shock, Hypotension, Icterus, Ill hap, Impact, Impingement, Indigestion, Inflammation, Injury, Insomnia, Insult, Itching, Jactitate, Jar, Jaundice, Jerk, Jig, Jigget, Jiggle, Jog, Joggle, Jolt, Jostle, Jounce, Jump, Knock, Knot, Labored breathing, Lesion, Lethargy, Locks, Loop in, Lot, Low blood pressure, Lumbago, Mane, Marasmus, Mat, Mauling, Meeting, Mental shock, Mess, Misadventure, Mischance, Misfortune, Mishap, Mop, Mound, Narcohypnosis, Narcolepsy, Narcoma, Narcosis, Narcotic stupor, Narcotization, Nasal discharge, Nasty blow, Nausea, Nauseate, Necrosis, Nervous exhaustion, Neurogenic shock, Nod, Numb, Offend, Onslaught, Oscillatory discharge, Outrage, Pain, Pang, Paralysis, Paralyze, Passion, Percussion, Perturb, Petrify, Pileup, Plug in, Prostration, Protein shock, Pruritus, Put off, Pyramid, Quake, Quaker, Quaver, Quiver, Ramming, Rash, Rattle, Repel, Repercussion, Revelation, Revolt, Rheum, Rick, Rictus, Rock, Ruck, Ruffle, Scandalize, Scare, Scare stiff, Scare to death, Sclerosis, Secondary shock, Sedation, Seizure, Serum shock, Shag, Shake, Shake up, Shell shock, Shipwreck, Shiver, Shocker, Short, Short-circuit, Shudder, Sicken, Sideswipe, Silent discharge, Skin eruption, Sledgehammering, Sleeping sickness, Slew, Smash, Smash-up, Smashing, Smashup, Sneezing, Sopor, Sore, Sore spot, Spark, Spark gap, Spasm, Stack, Stagger, Staggering blow, Start, Startle, Step down, Step up, Stiffen, Stir, Stockpile, Stook, Stress, Stress of life, Strike dumb, Strike terror into, Stroke, Stun, Stupefaction, Stupefy, Stupor, Suffering, Surgical shock, Surprise, Switch off, Switch on, Swoon, Tabes, Tachycardia, Take aback, Temblor, Tender spot, Terrify, Thanatosis, Thatch, Thicket, Throes, Throw, Thrusting, Thunderbolt, Tic, Tingle, Tragedy, Trance, Trauma, Traumatism, Traumatize, Tremble, Tremor, Tresses, Trouble, Tuft, Tumor, Turn, Turn off, Turn on, Turn the stomach, Tussock, Twitch, Twitter, Unsettle, Upset, Upset stomach, Vertigo, Vibrate, Vomiting, Wasting, Whomp, Wisp, Wobble, Wound, Wound shock, Wreck, Wrench, Trauma, A state of shock, Traumatism, Prostration, Stupor, Stupefaction, Collapse, Breakdown

How to use Shock in a sentence?

  1. Earthquake shocks.
  2. She was shocked at the state of his injuries.
  3. He died of shock due to massive abdominal hemorrhage.
  4. It was a shock to face such hostile attitudes when I arrived.
  5. We just didnt have enough in the budget to fix the Charger if an axle broke or the shocks went out.
  6. If a patient is deeply shocked, measurement of blood pressure may be difficult.

Meaning of Shock & Shock Definition