Definition of Shipment:

  1. Regardless of the number or quantity of containers, packages or parts, transportation is subject to one-way bill savings or airway bill terms. This is also known as delivery.

  2. Shipping process.

Synonyms of Shipment

Truckage, Carry, Waftage, Freightage, Expressage, Toting, Ferriage, Payload, Load, Cartage, Airfreight, Wagonage, Waft, Carrying, Transport, Drayage, Railway express, Pack, Portage, Airlift, Hauling, Lading, Luggage, Shipping, Lugging, Cargo, Packing, Movement, Carriage, Asportation, Bearing, Impedimenta, Consignment, Transportation, Conveyance, Freight, Lighterage, Haulage, Telpherage, Baggage, Goods, Air express, Transshipment, Porterage

How to use Shipment in a sentence?

  1. Newspapers are waiting to be sent.
  2. We lost a new item in the store where we worked. Fortunately, the next installment will arrive this afternoon.
  3. Delivery information was sent to me as soon as I placed the order and I was glad to know that everything was explained.
  4. Delivery on time and with the best quality. This is known because we check the quality of the stock after receipt.

Meaning of Shipment & Shipment Definition