Sherman Antitrust Act

Sherman Antitrust Act,

Definition of Sherman Antitrust Act:

  • The Sherman Anti-Trust Act (UAU) is a serious U.S. law passed in 1890 that bans trusts, groups of companies that agree or merge to establish a monopoly to reject prices in multiple markets. Become The law aims to promote economic justice and competition and regulate trade between countries. The Sherman Anti-Trust Act was the first attempt by the US Congress to address the use of trust as a tool to allow people to control a limited number of key industries.

    • The Sherman Anti-Trust Act was the first US Congress to ban trusts, monopolies and cartels.
    • The law aims to promote economic equality and competition and regulate trade between countries.
    • It was proposed and adopted by Ohio Senator John Sherman in 1890.
    • Sherman Antitrust was extremely popular and marked a significant change in US regulatory strategy for businesses and markets.

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Meanings of Sherman:
  1. A commercial and industrial city in northeast Texas with a total population of 38,077 (2008 estimate).


Meanings of Antitrust:
  1. Legislation that prevents or regulates trusts or other monopolies to encourage competition in the economy.

Sentences of Antitrust
  1. They enacted recently passed no-confidence laws.

  2. Initially, the provisions of the no-confidence laws were incorporated into contracts because of their role in the market integration process.

  3. This argument is tantamount to applying common sense to the American Competitiveness Law mentioned at the end of this chapter.

  4. Congress is trying to help farmers in economic business by exempting them from federal no-confidence laws.

  5. The strength of this view lies in the fact that regulators are motivated by ongoing monopoly or no-confidence policies.

  6. We set up social laws such as social assistance programs, no-confidence laws and social protection systems.

  7. Harrell, an economist and lawyer, understands the law of no-confidence and its problems.

  8. However, no-confidence laws focus on the power of sellers and the potential harm to consumers.

  9. The law allows dairy producers to participate in no-confidence laws with special exceptions.

  10. Tom and I agree that the ultimate goal of no-confidence laws is to help consumers.

  11. Agricultural company mergers often do not generate enough market share to trigger a no-confidence motion.

  12. Because of these no-confidence laws, we cannot choose a single price that all architects must adhere to and adhere to.


Meanings of Act:
  1. Do it, do something.

  2. Follow the prompts.

  3. The process has a special effect.

  4. Play a fictional role in a drama, movie or television production.

  5. One thing acted.

  6. A new book of the New Testament that immediately follows the gospel and tells the story of the early church.

  7. Specific types of behaviors or routines.

  8. Legislation includes a written order from Congress or another legislature.

  9. A document confirming a legal transaction.

Sentences of Act
  1. He denied the allegations and claimed that he was working in self-defense.

  2. We must work to reduce pollution

  3. The agency must now urge our fellow members of the US Senate to end this crisis.

  4. After the quiet spring, all industrial societies took steps to reduce pollution.

  5. We must act before we are punished for moving slowly.

  6. The Greens leader said that if the world acted faster and Australia had to be a part of it, the lives of the world could be saved.

  7. The cornerstone of Mother Jones's belief is that she believes that American workers should work together and free themselves from poverty and deprivation.

  8. Without a consensus on publicly available information, Democrats say we must act now.

  9. I've never met a great company that went bankrupt in 2002, so we have to work now.

  10. In these situations, players can also use assistants who cannot see the field of play and must follow the players' instructions.

  11. The collective conscience wants a just world and now recognizes that individuals must act now to ensure it.

  12. But if they want to call a Northern Ireland Assembly to elect a new Ireland, they have to work tomorrow.

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