Definition of Shell:

  1. The hard protective outer case of a mollusk or crustacean.

  2. A light racing boat used in the sport of crew.

  3. Gather seashells.

  4. The hand guard of a sword.

  5. The metal framework of a vehicle body.

  6. Short for shell program.

  7. Bombard with shells.

  8. An inner or roughly made coffin.

  9. Layer or part of a computer operating system that serves as its user interface. See also kernel.

  10. Something resembling or likened to a shell because of its shape or its function as an outer case.

  11. Remove the shell or pod from (a nut or seed).

  12. Each of a set of orbitals around the nucleus of an atom, occupied or able to be occupied by electrons of similar energies.

  13. An explosive artillery projectile or bomb.

Synonyms of Shell

Carapace, Outside, Exterior, Bombard, Fire on, Open fire on, Shoot at, Attack, Pound, Bomb, Blitz, Strafe, Framework, Frame, Chassis, Skeleton, Basic structure, Extract, Eustachian tube, L, R, Acting area, Aim at, Alveolation, Alveolus, Ante up, Antrum, Anvil, Apron, Apron stage, Armadillo shell, Armature, Armor, Armor plate, Armpit, Atom, Atomic model, Attack, Auditory apparatus, Auditory canal, Auditory meatus, Auditory nerve, Auditory ossicles, Auditory tube, Auricle, Backstage, Ball, Ball cartridge, Band shell, Bandstand, Bar shot, Bark, Barrage, Basilar membrane, Basin, Bird shot, Blank cartridge, Blast, Blitz, Board, Body armor, Bomb, Bombard, Bony labyrinth, Border, Bowl, Bran, Bridge, Buckler, Buckshot, Bullet, Bulletproof vest, Cadre, Cannon, Cannon shot, Cannonade, Cannonball, Capsule, Cartouche, Cartridge, Case, Case shot, Casement, Casing, Cauliflower ear, Cavity, Chaff, Chain armor, Chain mail, Chassis, Chitin, Chiton, Circumference, Clam shell, Coat of mail, Cochlea, Cockleshell, Cocoa shell, Commence firing, Concave, Concavity, Conch, Concha, Corn shuck, Cornhusk, Cortex, Coulisse, Covering, Cowrie, Crater, Crossbar shot, Crust, Crypt, Cup, Decorticate, Depression, Dip, Disburse, Dish out, Dock, Doorframe, Dressing room, Drumhead, Duck shot, Dumdum bullet, Ear, Ear lobe, Eardrum, Eggshell, Elytron, Endolymph, Enfilade, Envelope, Epidermis, Episperm, Eschar, Excorticate, Expanding bullet, Expend, Exterior, External, External ear, Externals, Fabric, Facade, Face, Facet, Fire a volley, Fire at, Fire upon, Flies, Fly floor, Fly gallery, Fold, Follicle, Forestage, Fork out, Frame, Framework, Framing, Fringe, Front, Funnel chest, Fusillade, Give out, Grape, Grapeshot, Greenroom, Grid, Gridiron, Habergeon, Hammer, Hand out, Hand over, Harness, Hauberk, Hole, Hollow, Hollow shell, Hull, Husk, Incrustation, Incus, Inner ear, Integument, Ion, Jacket, Lacuna, Langrel shot, Lattice, Latticework, Lay out, Lightboard, Limpet, Lineaments, Lobe, Lobule, Lorica, Lorication, Lug, Mail, Malleus, Manstopping bullet, Mastoid process, Middle ear, Mortar, Needles, Nuclear atom, Nuclide, Nutshell, Open fire, Open up on, Orchestra, Orchestra pit, Organ of Corti, Outer ear, Outer face, Outer layer, Outer side, Outer skin, Outline, Outside, Oval window, Oyster shell, Palea, Panoply, Pastry shell, Pay out, Peel, Pellet, Pepper, Performing area, Pericarp, Perilymph, Periphery, Periwinkle, Picture frame, Piecrust, Pinna, Pit, Planetary shell, Plate, Plate armor, Pocket, Pod, Pop at, Projectile, Proscenium, Proscenium stage, Protective covering, Punch bowl, Rake, Rifle ball, Rind, Round shot, Round window, Sash, Scab, Scale, Scallop, Scoop, Scute, Scutum, Sea shell, Secondary eardrum, Semicircular canals, Shell out, Shield, Shoot, Shoot at, Shot, Shrapnel, Shuck, Sink, Sinus, Skeleton, Skin, Slough, Slug, Snipe, Snipe at, Socket, Spend, Spines, Split shot, Stage, Stage left, Stage right, Stalactite, Stalagmite, Stapes, Stirrup, Strafe, Subshell, Suit of armor, Superficies, Superstratum, Surface, Switchboard, Tagged atom, Take aim at, Test, Testa, The boards, Thick skin, Top, Torpedo, Tracer, Tracer atom, Trough, Tympanic cavity, Tympanic membrane, Tympanum, Valence shell, Vestibule, Vug, Whelk, Window case, Window frame, Wings, Winkle, Zero in on, Projectile, Bomb

How to use Shell in a sentence?

  1. The sound of the shell passing over, followed by the explosion.
  2. They were shelling peas.
  3. As they closed a hatch, a dozen of men appeared on the platform, but their blasters could not do any harm to the metal shell of the vehicle.
  4. The glow from the rising sun reflects off the sleek rowing shells as they glide on the Mississippi River.
  5. The guns started shelling their positions.
  6. Pasta shells.
  7. Cowrie shells.
  8. In a multi-electron atom, the lowest energy shells fill up first.
  9. All UNIX / Linux shells support output redirection using the same syntax.

Meaning of Shell & Shell Definition